Habits: A Personal Guide to Elevate Your of Health and Performance by Janson Badger

(27) A Personal Guide to Elevate Your of Health and Performance

Habits: a personal guide to elevate your of health and performance


The chapter title outlines the habit a good speaker wants to have
I will explain the symptoms of the speaker’s problems when they do not follow this habit
I will give a diagnosis of the problem to better understand why the habit is not being followed
I will estimate the chance of recovery in the futureFinally, I will propose a prescription for mastering the new habit.Take this advice and you can save every presentation. Today and in the future.

There are dozens of ways that you can instantly improve your life. If you were to think about it at this very moment, the ideas would probably fill your head. Yet, even in their simplicity, these ideas might get lost in the "noise" of your life. But the feeling of overwhelm and not having enough time can sidetrack anyone's progress.

Marketing Professionals The Interactive Edition offers a cohesive approach to his principle-centered philosophy for becoming a highly effective network marketing professional. Within this enhanced edition, you’ll get exclusive integrated multimedia, real-world examples of current, successful networkers, and the step-by-step direction for applying his time-tested habits.

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 Sociability is defined as the quality of being social. The age-old "chicken and the egg" debate arises with the trait of sociability. Are we more social because we have a positive outlook or do we have a more positive outlook because we are social? Learning theory suggests that sociability is a key factor in a child's learning about creating positive relationships. A visit to any public playground will provide the visitor with numerous examples of children negotiating self-regulation, cooperation, active listening and effective communication. Children learn how to create positive interactions with others mainly through trial and error and from copying what they see adults doing. The key to this learning is having opportunities to interact with others so that children can try out their new social skills. Positive interactions are reinforced resulting in a child gaining confidence in the area of sociability and then repeating the positive behaviors to form relationships.


The four principles mentioned above, self-regulation, cooperation, active listening and effective communication, are just as important in the adult's world of work and relationships, as they are on the playground. Having skills in each of these areas can broaden one's social circle, thereby increasing one's positivity and happiness. Let's look a little closer at each of these skills. Self-regulation is one's ability to independently control one's moods and feelings. A self-regulated individual is someone who does not allow her emotions to over-rule logic and reason.

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