How To Get Your Ex Back: Simple Steps To Get Your Ex Back by Andrea Brown

Having a relationship break-up is both mentally and physically challenging

How to get your ex back: simple steps to get your ex back


Most women make the same mistake when they try to get their boyfriend back. They say they're sorry, make promises to change and sometimes even use jealousy. Unfortunately, those things don't work. But there are 6 "Magic Words" you can use to sneak behind his defenses and remind him of the love you truly shared. Once you know these 6 Magic Words and how to use them for your boyfriend, he might be blowing up your phone to see you by this weekend. And when you keep using these 6 Magic Words, you discover how to get him to commit to you and only you.

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After a terrible breakup, all you feel like doing is hiding under the sheets or maybe pay a visit to the nearest bar until you cannot recall who you are. While both of these are clearly a sign of depression over the relationship, grief is necessary to bring you back to your normal self. However, this should be as brief as possible. Take a few days to brood about the loss of your relationship, find someone to pour your heart out to if necessary, cry your last year, pick yourself up, and move forward.


You can still be sad or upset but the days of not being able to function should be minimal especially if you are trying to get your ex back. No one wants to come running back to someone who cannot get out of their pyjamas.  

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