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We publish and sell books. We also publish for authors to market on their own. In addition, we handle editing contracts and book reviews.

Aihebholo-oria nathaniel okonoboh

The founder of Olefaniel Publishing company in 2008. We are committed to publishing high quality fiction. We also undertake to publish a selected category of nonfiction, including poetry and proverbs. Since inception, we have published a few books that are now a major selection and featured books. Our mission is to bring African contemporary literature  to the fore. 

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When Emelisa was taken to the police cell for attempting to murder her husband, she feels that it satisfied a deep hunger in that she doesn't know was there.
The pride of Sebastian Wesley, a narcissist, is in trouble when he seeks help from his subordinate, Nora Carson and begs her to let him settle down with her.
An old man reveals all the classified information and names the faces behind the looting of the national treasury, but in hotel where the wall has ears
The enemies who wanted to kill Siva are his very best friends
Wise sayings, clever truths and discipline for daily living, presented in a humorous and refreshing style
Food and lifestyle to help you control your blood pressure from 40 upward
Blood pressure: how to control it, why home reading is better, what reading device is good for you, how to take the reading and mokre
How to follow the path of you dreams
Siva rejects willing confession, exposing him to public criticism and bringing himself under a daunting task of establishing one of the most horrific financial crime case, without a confession.
A simple guide to making money from creating digital products for a ready-made markets
Unjust imprisonment and revenge
Siva realizes that the people he is employed to serve wants his to find the killer of the presidential candidate, but no one is willing to give a lead.
Emelisa kept a positive attitude, rejoicing over her victory over the men, even though they tried to overpower her with the strength of men
Nicholas is found innocent of the murder of a university medical girl after eighteen years.
Emelisa deliberately pushes her husband in front of a speeding oncoming car to kill him because he had cohabited with a mother and her daughter for years and was deceiving at home
Unjust imprisonment and revenge against the state
Siva's closest friends and confidants, finally betrayed him.
Simple way to relieve stress without using medicine
Siva finds himself in trouble when a tempting offer came that would make him a billionaire in twenty-four hours
Enjoy sound sleep and a stress free life
How to regain your voice from stuttering
Easy therapy to stop stuttering
Those who employs Siva to help them solve the nation's most bizarre financial crimes has also set him up for trouble
Three adolescents each with very unusual appearance
Emelisa is glad that she won the fight for the women folks even though it will mean imprisonment for life
An investigation agent publishes the names of politicians who dry the nation's treasury.
Consequences of permissiveness
What happened to the woman was a first wrong that must be settle to stop the wheel of woman killing the man from rolling
A defense lawyer finally appeared for Emelisa at the court to defend, not just the woman, but all the women on the continent of Africa
The book contains wise sayings and African Adages
A guide to making money from a mobile device