To The Women, I Give Myself by Mary King

Woman in Chains Book 5

Emelisa is glad that she won the fight for the women folks even though it will mean imprisonment for life

To the women, i give myself

Emelisa isn't wondering about what the sentence upon her will be. But Humphrey, her defense attorney does.

The outcome of the verdict upon her tonight will determine not only the fate of Emelisa, but also of her tender innocent children and the women of an entire civilization. Humphrey tries to push back some of the current of discrimination against her. But will he save Emelisa from imprisonment for life?

Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Family Life / Marriage & Divorce

Language: English

Keywords: conflict resolution, abusive husban, infidelity in marriage, how to treat a husband who cheat, bias judgment, courtroom fiction, strong female character

Word Count: 17495

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Sample text:

When Emelisa got back to her cell, she removed the new maxi with which she had appeared at the court. She was very tired. She had to sit first and rest her back on the wall for a few minutes before standing again to put on the old dress she had left on the floor in the morning. She hadn't thought of the stress of court trial to equal what she had experienced. She had thought that trial would simply be a walk-through. 

A guard came to inform her that some people had brought food for her. She didn't ask who the people were. For she thought that they should be from the Save Black Woman group. 

When the food finally arrived, she ate with good appetite. After eating, she changed to her old maxi. Then, she switched off the light and plunged herself into darkness in the cell. 

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Already translated. Translated by Hedi Stanojevic
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Already translated. Translated by Bianca Bonami Rosa
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This translator did an excellent translation of my novel. She keeps to time and our interactions were marvelous. I recommend her without hesitation.
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An amazing translator, keeping to time and easy to go along with. She pays attention to accuracy. Well recommended.

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