Charms On A Woman's Waist by Mary King

The pride of Sebastian Wesley, a narcissist, is in trouble when he seeks help from his subordinate, Nora Carson and begs her to let him settle down with her.

Charms on a woman's waist

Not in his wildest dreams did Sebastian Wesley think Nora Carson would someday turn out the most stunning beauty he would ever spend his pleasure on. He's a narcissist, hard with a soft core, witty, apathetic and everything anyone who has ever worked under him could have dreamt of. His counterpart, Nora, is a modest heroine. She radiates warmth, love and sweetness that Sebastian hates and associates with crush.

One day, an hour or two finds Sebastian’s pride in trouble and he seeks Nora’s help, while he's feeling the pressure to change his inflammable image and to settle down with the charming woman with whose emotions he has toyed for a long time.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Dark romance kidnapping possessive hero, Seduced by Daddys best friend, Spanking legs, Virgin mafia arranged marriage, Bully and envy, Sex with roommate, Romance with my sisters ex

Word Count: 12093

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Just released a few hours.

Sample text:

There was music everywhere. Dry leaves and insects and flowers were playing the music. And the breeze was singing.

Nora spun. Her long skirt belled out to the wind and Sebastian saw where her pant started inside her thighs. Sebastian wanted to turn his face from her. She was provoking his emotions. He knew that if he gave free reign to those feelings, he could do to the girl, something that would make him feel ashamed. Yet, it was hard not to look at her.

Each time she raised her hands dancing, the pink pant that showed above her red skirt appeared with the soft glossy flesh of her waistline. When the hands go down, her bikini top hid them from his searching eyes. It was ecstatic to look at her.

Gradually, the girl stopped lifting her hands. The pink that bonded him to her waist was appearing only once in a while. And the skirt stopped belling out to the wind


Nora followed a wrong side of the hill to get down. And Sebastian Wesley saw the horrible danger of rolling off. Nora clutched on stones to compensate for her deficiency in balance. Sebastian waited on the ground to catch her when she flew down. Her skirt hiked up her thighs, belling up to the breeze again, providing no protection for the delicate skin on the sides of her hips as she flew off the hill. Sebastian fenced her way with his arms and received her. And he staggered with her body in his arms, but he didn’t go down. Nora and Sebastian held each other tightly, looking at each other. He saw in her eyes, intense expressions of love.

The breeze washed through their bodies. Sebastian Wesley could not let go of her body. Nora was too soft against his body. He felt her body temperature and sweat was gathering between their skins. He was drunk from the odour of Nora’s body. The breeze continued to tease their skin like small kisses, with its piping melody stirring up more romantic emotions.

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Translation in progress. Translated by Alessio Coci
Translation in progress. Translated by Gabrielly Pamela Soeiro
Already translated. Translated by Juan C. Tello C.
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Juan C is the translator of several of my books. I enjoyed working with him on every way.

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