Daggers In A Teacup by Mcdowell Brains

An old man reveals all the classified information and names the faces behind the looting of the national treasury, but in hotel where the wall has ears

Daggers in a teacup

Keeping his fingers to the mouse, Siva could not click the button to send his response. Not again. Richard just warned that he is dancing with death again, probably, he won’t survive this. Siva loves his former model fiancée. And he is terrified for her losing him. But Siva’s money scandal investigations desperately need evidence and proofs.

In DAGGERS IN A TEACUP, the sixth novel in the popular Trail of the Cabal series, McDowell Brains leads to a terrifying Genocide by a retired General called Magodo who keeps friending Siva and spying on him.

He must do everything to save this briefcase until he gets a safe hand to keep it for whoever would care to execute the evidence after he is assassinated.

Genre: FICTION / Crime

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Satire

Language: English

Keywords: truth faith and allegiance, Sniper stuff, Money laundering game, Assassin pride, Stolen damage, Traitor by deed, False knees, money looters, african leadership, african leader, african government, friends betrayal

Word Count: 17603

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Sample text:

‘Dear Mr. Okojie, I fear for my life. I have revealed to you, top oil secrets. My entire family could be wiped off because of it.’

Siva’s heart quickened. ‘You said no one should know.’

‘I told you that military dictatorship is not completely over yet. We are trapped in between. You could see that I cut a lot of corners to keep this meeting very private. Still, I am not sure they don’t know.’ 

It took Siva a long moment to sink his words down. He was discouraged.

‘I don’t think all my life I have smuggled out a pin. How do I manage with intelligent creatures, a whole family?’

‘You are duty bound, Mr. Okojie. Consider that my family is facing total annihilation.’

Siva was thoughtful for another moment. ‘I have to involve the police...’

‘No. If I were to agree to do that, we would actually be a flock of sheep sold to the slaughter. Many top police officers are members of our organisation. They are expositors.’

‘Chief Bode, I don’t have any other way I can help you.’

‘Probably you think I have no proof,’ Odide was frantic. ‘There are many paper documents and video documents. I am going to give you now. Then after you arranged my safety, I will tell you the General’s name and what our organisation is called.’

‘I am probably going to use the welfare. I will arrange special check by people personally known to me.’

‘Wait. We have no independent welfare. All  are government cover-ups.’

‘So what am I going to do?’

‘You must find a way.’

By the time they concluded, Agatha had called seventeen times.

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Already translated. Translated by André Weber
Already translated. Translated by Jose Saul Agis Garcia

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