Woman Must be Free by Mary King

Defense of All Women

A defense lawyer finally appeared for Emelisa at the court to defend, not just the woman, but all the women on the continent of Africa

Woman must be free

In a world where she believes that the woman and the man are not equal before the law, Emelisa's days of freedom seem numbered. She has for a time trusted to back her, the defense successes of Barrister Humphrey, a human rights activist and the long leg of a powerful organization, Save The Black Woman.

Genre: FICTION / Crime

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Legal

Language: English

Keywords: truth we confess, Fake alarm, sex based discrimination, injustice year zero, cheating navy wife, rethinking infidelity, trusting after cheating, bias judgment, abandonment of children, discrimination against the women, false witness, true confession

Word Count: 20797

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Sample text:

The urge to fight was rising again in her. But Emelisa tried to suppress it. How could she begin to fight again now when she had already accepted her handicap condition? How could she take another chance now to fight when she had taken one before and lost? They hated her and she had already submitted to a supreme option of modesty which the richness of men's power and the emptiness of her weakness had imposed upon her. 

This thought finally succeeded in stemming the rising tide of fury in her that was tempting her to fight. She couldn't afford to hate now. She felt suddenly calm which was more out of the spirit of yielding than a heart of peace. Her body stopped shaking. 

The engine of the van started working and they drove her in the van back to her cell in the Volks Police Station. 

She didn't know how long it took them to drive to Volks because present times fell from her as soon as the van took off. She didn't know how many other suspects were in the back before they brought her to board the van. All the time in the van, she was racing through how swiftly this thing had changed her life. 

All of a sudden, her body started to shake again as it had six afternoons before. Her memory pictured before her the vivid details of that day. She saw her children eating on the floor while she had stormed into the sitting room and tumbled upon the chair. She was hearing them asking her to answer all sorts of questions...

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Already translated. Translated by Rowena Obias
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Rowena is a marvelous translator. Aside from giving me a wonderful translation for my title, she is diligent, quite open for discussion, with a respectful communication style. You can use her for your works too.
Already translated. Translated by Julia Sconfienza
Author review:
Julia Sconfienza did an excellent job. She's faithful to agreed time. Her communication style is refreshing when requesting clarifications and I'm satisfied with her works. I recommend her for others with utmost confidence.
Already translated. Translated by Jose Saul Agis Garcia
Author review:
Excellent! Several of my books have been professionally done by this translator. So, I confidently recommend him to other authors and Publishers without reservation.

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