Stuttering by A. N. Okonoboh

The Nature and a Practical Approach to the Treatment

Easy therapy to stop stuttering


Is it possible to stop stuttering within 10 days? What is the topmost dream of your life? As a stutterer, you don’t want me or anyone else to sympathize when you talk.

In our book, STUTTERING, we have you in mind. We know that how to stop stuttering is a question that cools the stuttering communities around the world. In fact, we realize that in stammering groups, sufferers are told not to bother anymore about recovery, that such effort is more devastating than the speech impediment itself. Well, our introduction to this workbook has well inspiring stories to help allay your fears. Now we will give you a gist of the features of STUTTERING that makes it works so fast for stuttering recovery.

First, this book is based on years-long study of real stammer overcomers. So, the contents is not intellectual laboratory theories. That is why it works for real people.

The central key is CONSCIOUSNESS which runs as a thread through the chapters. Around this, we build other elements that are worthy of recognition in their positive or negative roles in our speeches. E.g Breath Control, breathing from the chest or from the lungs, the art of speaking, dealing with common obstacles, how to use your speech schemes, etc.

In the Art of Speaking section, we addresse all issues of speech-language pathology, SLP, cognitive behavioral therapy, anxiety relief, stammer self cure, as well as the question of who will help me find my voice. The same section continues to replicated it’s effectiveness in the challenge for the teaching of talking, therapy for kids, even for serious cases such as with those who think that their situation is beyond stammering. And we raised a red signal on how in delivering their parental care, parents or guardians need to be observant for any evidence of early childhood stammering.

Our practicals are very easy to walk through. We developed these strategies and activities to promote your child’s language development. They are step by step social skills to help toddlers and adults learn to do expert speech. This will make their expressions well-spoken and clear. So, at home, parents guardians and therapists should see this book as a valuable guide to speech.

The book also deals with regression, semantic noise, slurring, muffling, and what we call brake failure. You will find that it is a complete program for getting skills to articulate better and making good of speaking. That is why many users call it, The Speech Teacher‘s Handbook.
Finally, we dedicate a full section to the parents. At the conclusion of that section, we appeal to all parents with children throughout the globe to stop making the mistake of leaving the matter of stammer in their child to chance. It should not be hoped that he will give it up as he grows. True, stammer is short-lived in most children even those with the gene. Still, knowing which child will carry it further than the early stage, is as difficult as trying to identify a cock among unhatched eggs

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