I Murdered I Did Not Sin by Mcdowell Brains

Siva rejects willing confession, exposing him to public criticism and bringing himself under a daunting task of establishing one of the most horrific financial crime case, without a confession.

I murdered i did not sin

The brightest star on the road to the presidency seat dies suddenly under the guard of police officers. But after the unexpected confession of a man comes as the most reliable lead on the murder, the indefatigable Siva returns to action with the hope of fishing out some of the other conspirators and finding their motives.

The attitude of this self-confessed man soon ties Siva to a decision that will expose him to public criticism. Then, suddenly, a leaked secret rakes up a long hidden truth, forcing Siva to reject a willing confession. He realises that this brings him under a difficult task: he must establish the most horrific case of financial crimes without a confession, one that could mean his death.

This fourth of seven thrilling Trail of the Cabal novels, I MURDERED I DID NOT SIN, unleashes a new detective suspense from McDowell Brains

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Political

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Espionage

Language: English

Keywords: false wealth, died in custody, betrayed by friend, classified information, sedated guard

Word Count: 27459

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Sample text:

Bash looked at his watch and started walking away from the power station side. Siva followed him and then turned back and did a double take before crossing the gate.  

‘Do you think that I don’t want to believe you?’ Siva said. 

‘Oh yes. You have been acting skeptical to this side of the story.’

‘I have doubts.’

‘What do you mean?'

'You don't look like a killer to me.'

'That mean that you think that what he did to me was not serious enough for me to have killed him?’

'You are wrong, Bash. That's not the case.'

'So, why do you argue with me?'

'You are a strange killer then.'

'What do you mean strange?'

'No killer would act like this. In my years of serving as a detective to the state, I haven't met a killer who talked like you.'

'But I have been waiting for this time to say it.'

‘How did you get into his secure cell and kill him in custody?’

‘Are you surprised?'

'Yes, I am.'

'it wasn't hard.'

‘Did you arrange it?'

‘No, I didn't. I killed him with...

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