Point of no Return by McDowell Brains

Siva's closest friends and confidants, finally betrayed him.

Point of no return

Siva gave up trying to ask that his life be spared inside the underground sniper unit, where he has found his kidnapped adoptive son, named Bobosky. The father of the boy has asked that the boy be killed along with Siva in a slow-motion death, the video of which he has ordered to be brought for him to see. Siva and the boy’s horrible – and ultimately victorious – story is McDowell Brains’ Trail of the Cabal series seventh book, POINT OF NO RETURN

Genre: FICTION / Crime

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Political

Language: English

Keywords: Killer deadline, Dead before wed, Deception family justice, Diplomacy training, Assassin vow, Nation rage, Traitor command, evil spies, hired killer, sniper job, friend deception, slow motion death

Word Count: 16200

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Sample text:

A moment later, two men came in. One of them was Brigadier Othniel Obaze. Siva was shocked. Othniel is a member also. It was hard to believe.

‘I want you to take care of the two of them. And make sure it is a slow-motion death.’

‘Yes. General. I   will take care of it.’

‘Cut the hands in bits. Then, the legs. I will watch a clip of the spasmodic ends. I want them to see their death with their own eyes.’

Siva had no choice than to surrender as they put the cuffs around his wrists. He looked at Bobosky and was moved. He had never seen a child filled with so much terror. Bobosky knew that he was going to die.

For hours, Doctor Zugeru had trained his binoculars on the estate if he could see what would happen to Siva. He looked on, knowing that somebody must come out of the buildings. 

Then four people came out of the huge building at last. Two of them were in cuffs, a man and a kid. His heart picked speed. He zoomed in on the man of the two and recognized it was Siva Okojie. The boy is like his son he said was kidnapped, Zugeru thought. But he could not answer why they were in cuffs. He zoomed in on the other two men, from one to the other, but could recognize none of them. They walked down to a parked Limousine in front of the building. And one of the two free men opened the door. When they began pushing Siva and the kid like prisoners into the big car, it was clear to Zugeru: something had gone terribly wrong.

There was nothing uncertain about their choice of using a Limousine, Zugeru thought. The presidential ride is a free passport through all the police checks points.

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