Man's World, Woman's Cage by Mary King

Emelisa kept a positive attitude, rejoicing over her victory over the men, even though they tried to overpower her with the strength of men

Man's world, woman's cage

When Emelisa finds his offense to be a crime and accepts the full moral guilt, she thinks that life in jail would be simple. But she soon finds the truth in her solitary cell. Either she bends or she breaks, the police wants her to surrender her living protests. She finds this so tough that she wonders if she could even trust her defense attorney, Humphrey to turn things around.

Still, Emelisa doesn’t want to give up. She must see if man will always win.

Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Family Life / Marriage & Divorce

Language: English

Keywords: Stolen and seduced, discriminated against, gender lies book 3, sex in a broken world, cheating bastard, infidelity healing romance, emotional cheater, cheating husband, infidelity in marriage, oppresion of woman, bias agaist women, gender discrimination

Word Count: 14855

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One five star rating by an Amazon customer.

Sample text:

Emelisa couldn't turn the light on because she was in only her panties. That was the only thing they left on her body when they suspected that she would commit suicide. How could she turn the light on, remove the darkness of her cell and fling away her curtain? But she heard a click and saw the bars opened. She saw two police, a man and a woman. He saw a man in black suit, a cream handkerchief rearing out of the breast pocket. A guard was in front and the rest of them hesitated behind him. 

Pushing the door further with his body, she saw the guard turned to the wall in her cell and clicked on the switch. In an instant of time, light flooded the small room from the single bulb that burned above. Quickly, Emelisa ran towards a corner and folded herself trying to hide her chest behind her bended knees. That was the only thing she could do.

She saw the man in the black suit flinging his big face sharply from her side.

'Who did this to the woman?' he said, his voice rising to a scream. 'Why is she naked?'

'We suspected that she was going to kill herself and cheat the law, sir,' the policeman said.

'So, we were asked to keep her from doing that,' the female police corroborated.

'Well, return her things now,' the man yelled. 'Make sure she is decently covered. Then, call me to see her. What do you think would happen if these Woman Wrapas see this? They would raise a lot of shits in the papers.'

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Already translated. Translated by Juliana Scheffer
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This is a very nice job done, with good sense of timekeeping. I do not hesitate to recommend Juliana to other authors and publishers for their works.
Already translated. Translated by Cristina López

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