Sound Sleep, Smart Wake Up by Dave McAllen

Turn Your Bed Into Anti Fatigue Mat

Enjoy sound sleep and a stress free life

Sound sleep, smart wake up

The moment you have something to do urgently, don't engage in this. You'll sleep off. Your whole body's going to enjoy it so much, it won't resist sleeping. Its safe for all, to keep fit even after 50, after 60. For:
Stress free life
Killing chronic fatigue
Healing repetitive strain injury
Now see what the book's got.

In sound sleep, smart wake Up, Dave McAllen exposes stress relief tips that he gives to fatigued patients. He helps you see an entirely new way to think about stress relief. You won’t need drugs or other stress relief products to get more agile, alert, with better functionality as you engage in his fun stress relief.

His often suggested simple homemade apparatus is a fun way to make your own stress relief toys that will give your body greater mobility, enhanced performance and remove stiffness and friction that cause pains in your joints. Your results will improve dramatically. From the first day, you feel less body pains and less tired. Dave will show you how little weights can add strengthening to your stretches and build your specific muscles for their work.

Discover how this stress relieving techniques can give you greater flexibility, with less pain. On a bed, mat, or desk, wide-ranging simple stretches enhanced by small weights will yield you maximum results within a short time and stay that way. They will help you find your path from fatigue, give you headache and insomnia relief, eliminate those factors that keep you sleepless. You will find the vigorous workout body honour.

Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Alternative Therapies

Secondary Genre: MEDICAL / Sleep Medicine

Language: English

Keywords: kill stress without medicine, ocd, obsessive compulsive disorder, cure for stress, how to heal chronic fatigue, exercise materials, exercise equipment for adults, keep fit after 50

Word Count: 3320

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In the pre-industrial age, people were easily fatigued because human effort was needed to overcome virtually all the jobs needed for human existence. The situation often required that people of that history exerted themselves over long hours doing manual labours. Such labours included lifting of heavy loads that overtax their muscles and joints. They also had to put in static efforts when the job to be done made such demands upon them. This means that their muscles would have to keep parts of the body in a fixed position. That time, most works were done in uncomfortable positions.

At that point in history, there was high rate of fatigue. Illnesses with symptoms that fall under the group of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) were common too. 

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