Vianka Van Bokkem (author)

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Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Pirates, Vikings, Medieval, Mythology and more...

Vianka van bokkem

Vianka Van Bokkem is a Fantasy/mythology/Paranormal Romance/Science Fiction/Horror/Historical Fiction Writer.

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A Medieval Fantasy Adventure
A Taste for Werewolf Blood (vampires and werewolves)
A Vampire's Artifact
A Vampire's Werewolf Clan
Angels and Vampires
Celebrus Coven Book 4 (of 4) End of Series
Chernobyl's Vampires and Werewolves
Clash of the Unholy: Vampire's Redemption
Color Me Red (vampires - witches)
Devils Witches (vampires - werewolves - witches)
Elf Vampire Book 1 (Elf Vampire Series - two books total)
Grigore Enescu Book 2 (of 4)
Hostile World
Howling from a pack of wolves that were getting closer made me stretch my back with horror. I didn't have anything to defend myself with. They were most likely going to eat me alive. Maybe they already devoured my friends. I heard them sniffing, the howli
Hunting Abnormals
Khanaras Werewolves Clan (werewolves - vampires - fantasy and magic)
Lupus Patronus Werewolves and Vampires Prophecy
Magic and Love (Mythology)
Multiverse Teen Travelers
My Ghostly Twin
Myka The Goddess Witch (mythology - witches)
Nailah the Egyptian Vampire Sorcerer (vampires, werewolves, paranormal, fantasy)
Nereid of the Forest (mythology - fantasy and magic)
Ninalys Vampires Book 2 (End of Series)
Pirate Vampire
Surviving Evil
The Antarctica Enigma
The End of my Humanity (vampires and werewolves)
The Last Werewolf Pack (werewolves and vampires - post apocalyptic)
The Pentacle Keeper
Two Curses Two Sisters
Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night Book 1 (of 4)
Vampire Dynasty (vampires and werewolves)
Vampire Princesses and Princes
Vampire Samurai
Vampire Triplets Book 3 (of 4)
Viking Vampires
Werewolf Island: Running with the Pack
Werewolf Royalty (medieval inspired)
Werewolf Treachery
Witchy Vampires