Color Me Red (vampires - witches) by Vianka Van Bokkem

Color Me Red (vampires - witches)

Color me red (vampires - witches)

Victoria and her twin sister Valeria are half vampires - half witches. 

When they witnessed their parent's horrible slayings at the hands of vampire hunters they swear revenge against them and anyone else involved. 

What they did not expect was to fall in love with the handsome twin brothers Prince Alexandru and Prince Andrei of Romania.

Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English


Word Count: 8686

Sample text:

My name is Victoria Aldescu. My twin sister Valeria and I were hiding underneath our bed with invisibility spells that our mother cast on us as soon as she sensed the vampire hunters.

She told us that no matter what happened to them, we had to stay underneath the bed until they were gone.

My sister and I covered our mouths, so the hunters did not hear our screams when four of them restrained our father with a silver cross. They threw buckets of holy water all over his body, making him burst into flames.

The remaining two hunters cut off our mother’s head; that way, she was not able to cast any spells against them.

After they were done with their savage murders, they left, leaving a pool of blood and ashes behind them.

Valeria and I were only six years old, and we did not know what to do. Even if the hunters were gone, we were too afraid to get out of our hiding place.

“I am scared, Victoria!”

“I am scared, too, Valeria! We need to tell Aunt Kate what happened.”

Valeria and I knew some basic magic and were able to cast a transporting spell that took us to our aunt’s home.

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Already translated. Translated by Juliet Perie
Already translated. Translated by Max Chevaugeon
Already translated. Translated by Shirley Deight
Already translated. Translated by Fernando Bruno S. Lima
Already translated. Translated by Silvana Borghi

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