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Hello! I'm a freelance translator with three years experience in this area. I studied both literary and audio-visual translation and translated both types of material.

Max chevaugeon

My name is Max Chevaugeon and I've been a freelance translator for the past three years. I studied translation for five years at university level during which I obtained a Master's degree (university of Paris 3 Sorbonne-Nouvelle) and wrote several dissertations on audio-visual and literary translation. More accuratly, I wrote on the difficulties inherent to translation during the subtitling and dubbing phases of audio-visual content, on the translation of puns and swearwords, and produced several analysis on literary translation.

I also taught literay translation at university level for the better part of three years after obtaining my Master's degree. I provided assistance and proofreading to students translating books from English to French, as well as guidance during the redaction of their dissertations.

While I mostly translated audio-visual content since I became a professional translator, I also translated poetry, short stories and the like. I'm a voracious reader and have particular interest towards works of fiction: police novels, historical novels, science-fiction, fantasy, horror, etc.

I'm currently a video-game translator, which requires me to translate dialogs, scripts, narrative strings, etc. I firmly believe that my past experiences as a translator would allow me to give to your works the translation they deserve while preserving your style and creativity.

I thank you for your time and I will be looking forward to collaborate with you!


Max Chevaugeon

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