Held Over by Terry M. West

A Short Zombie Story

A retirement community for zombies.

Held over

HELD OVER is a ferociously original zombie tale from horror author, Terry M. West. Welcome to the Milburn & Stein Home for Continuance. It is a first class living community for the recently undead.

"I would consider Held Over a little nugget of pure gold."-Chad Lutzke, author of "Of Flies and Foster Homes"

"Fantastic piece of horror fiction!"-Tim Ouellette, author of I DARE YOU, MIRROR IMAGE & FRACTURED

"Held Over is a fantastic creature-feature short from Mr. West, a neat look at the other side of the Zombie apocalypse, consumerism."- Zachary Walters, The Eyes of Madness



Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: horror , zombies, terror, supernatural

Word Count: 3200

Sales info:

HELD OVER has hit the #1 Amazon horror short story spot many times since its publication in 2013. It has been read by thousands of horror fans.

Sample text:

            The door opened, and an orderly walked one of the residents inside. The creature wore a choke collar and was muzzled. It was dressed in blue pajamas that were dotted with dried blood and pieces of grue. It found Clint. The dead man’s empty eyes filled with hunger and it immediately reached its gray hands in Clint’s direction. It snarled and jerked its head.

            “This is Gabriel, one of our senior staff and he appears to have Mr. Robin Freethy in tow,” Randall announced.

            “Robin Freethy?” Clint said, impressed. “The film producer?”
            “The one and only,” Randall said, motioning to Gabriel. “Bring him closer.”

            “I don’t know, sir, he is pretty worked up,” Gabriel informed them. He pulled back on the choke collar.

            “Bring him here, son,” Clint insisted. “You have him handled.”

            Gabriel allowed Mr. Freethy to pull closer to the old man.

            “How are you, Mr. Freethy?” Clint spoke loudly, as if he were addressing a man hard of hearing. “I am a big fan of your work. Do you enjoy this place, sir?”


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Already translated. Translated by Max Chevaugeon
Author review:
Excellent translation!
Already translated. Translated by Julia Tarach
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Great job!!! Highly recommended!
Already translated. Translated by Monja Areniello
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Fantastic translation! Great communication! I would work with this translator again!
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Already translated. Translated by L. M. Gutéz
Author review:
L.M. was very thorough and asked questions when things weren't clear. Excellent translation. I would work with this translator again.

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