Terry M. West (author)

I am an author who has had a traditionally published and self-published career for decades.

Terry m. west

Terry M. West is an American horror author. His best known works: What Price Gory, Car Nex, Dreg and his Night Things series. He was a finalist for 2 International Horror Guild Awards and he was featured on the TV Guide Sci-Fi hot list for his YA graphic novel series, Confessions of a Teenage Vampire. Terry was born in Texas, lived in New York for two decades and he currently hangs his hat in California. www.terrymwest.com

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A God-fearing man accidentally summons a carnivorous demon.
Two Southern slackers meet a sexy demon after being cursed by a drunk gypsy.
Two cursed good old boys encounter an alien intent on destroying the earth.
A flawed parapsychologist in the 1930s meets legendary horror author HP Lovecraft and learns a dark and deadly secret.
Don't tell Violet your sins especially after closing time.
A Dystopian look at our future based on our current political climate.
An ill police psychic pursues a serial killer who is more than human.
A group of monsters, freaks and demons guard over a mysterious portal threatening the earth.
A sexy but psychotic carny pushes an unstable young man over the edge.
In a world were monsters exist in society a drug addicted pornographer makes porno films with the monsters.
A retirement community for zombies.
A man with an ancient curse lives a lonely existence in 1997 NYC.
The curse from HONGER is passed onto the last survivor of the first tale.
Calvin Winslow is an unhappily married man who takes a late night exit and finds a hellish back road.
Imagine a world where the famous monsters of legend exist among us.
A hitchhiker on the run encounters an immortal serial killer.
A nursery rhyme from Hell.
Baker Johnson investigates a haunting in 1920s Yonkers.
Inspired by true events, a serial killer in Texas in 1985 thinks he is possessed by a demon.
A broken psychical researcher moves into his uncle's haunted estate.
Two plumbers service a country during a zombie epidemic
A middle-aged ad salesman is terrorized by a roadside rose peddler.
Baker Johnson meets a legendary monster posing as a big city gangster.
A night crew encounters a cursed video clip.
A hate demon posing as a bad guy wrestler is jeopardized by adulation from the fans.