HONGER 2 by Terry M. West

The curse from HONGER is passed onto the last survivor of the first tale.

Honger 2

Warning: This story contains scenes of extreme violence and gore. Not for the squeamish or easily offended. Listener discretion is strongly advised.

Hunger knows no friend but its feeder....

Piermont, NY

Winter 1997

Chloe Grant is a homeless junkie and prostitute. After being taken in by Willem Tenner, a kind and shy bachelor who works at a local video store, Chloe finds herself in the center of a battle between two immortal monsters. Chloe inherits the bite that never heals. De eeuwige honger. The eternal hunger. Relying on a diary left behind by Willem to guide her, Chloe must now feed the monster inside.

Honger 2 is a direct sequel to Honger.

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Language: English

Keywords: cannibal, zombie, vampire, horror

Word Count: 11000

Sales info:

HONGER 2 is the sequel to my very popular HONGER tale. It is included exclusive to Kindle in my GRUESOME collection and has been read by thousands of horror fans.

Sample text:

I dreamt of my father, Daniel Grant. We were in Hackensack and this was the day that I met him. We'd just finished burgers and shakes. I was standing next to him in a Woolworth's toy aisle. I was staring at an array of knock-off Barbies. I wanted a Tressy, because you could adjust the length of her hair. But they didn't have them.

            "Pick one you want, baby," my father encouraged me. "Because Daddy loves you."

            I looked to him. He was a plumber. He wore his service outfit and a ball cap. His face wasn't there. I stared at a pink caul. He was smiling. I could tell though I couldn't see lips. I went back to the dolls on the racks. They all were missing faces. Distressed, my eyes rose to my father. Standing in his place on an arm crutch was Michal Dott. I clearly saw his face.

            Michal smiled. "Pick one you want, baby," he said. "Because Daddy loves you."

            I looked back to the dolls. The thin boxes now held little nude, faceless figures made of flesh. I picked one up and stared intently at it. A huge pang of hunger sounded off in my gut.

            "Take any," Michal persuaded me. "Take all. To live is to suffer, Chloe. And to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering."

            I tore the top of the doll box open. I shook the little corpse out into my hand. I guided it to my mouth and bit the head off.


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Another great job!
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