Picaro by Terry M. West

A Tale of Extreme Horror

A hitchhiker on the run encounters an immortal serial killer.


WARNING: This story contains scenes of extreme violence and gore. Not for the squeamish or easily offended. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

"Picaro is the most insidious kind of extreme horror, told with bloody flair."-Bob Milne, Beauty in Ruins

"A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it."
Jean de La Fontaine

Houston, Texas. Summer, 1984

Binh Pham is a street hustler who suffers from narcolepsy. After his pimp is killed by a Mexican drug cartel, Binh realizes they are coming for him next. On the run, he thumbs his way down Interstate 45, a heavily wooded straight shot between Houston and Dallas. He meets Paul Marrane, an eccentric and charismatic road scholar. Paul travels with Binh, acting as protector and friend. But Paul's odd behavior soon turns dangerous. Convinced his road companion is a lethal psychopath, Binh discovers Paul Marrane is much worse than that. As the two men travel the dusty road, their odyssey becomes a harrowing nightmare from which there is no escape. PICARO is a bloody road trip to Hell from acclaimed author of horror, Terry M. West.

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Suspense

Language: English

Keywords: horror, mystery, suspense, terror

Word Count: 13000

Sales info:

Picaro has been out for a few years and did very well. It was reprinted in my Gruesome collection and has been appreciated by 1000s of readers. 

Sample text:



"Martha there, she took the spot reserved for you."

            Binh glanced at Paul's face, which rested on his shoulder. Paul's breath tickled Binh's neck. It was creepy.

            "You were going to eat me, Paul?"

            Paul walked around and sat on the edge of the bed so he faced Binh. He placed his knife on the bedspread. "It wasn't personal. It's all random. While I sat in that diner, I thought, the first one that walks through that door. That's who I'll eat. You pulled the short straw. It's the system I use that keeps things fair. The first one system. When Tyler started in on you, it sealed the deal. I had the perfect opportunity to gain your trust."

            "Why did you change your mind?" Binh asked.

            "It happened when Tomás and his goons ran us off the road. You knew you had no chance. But you still tried to save my life. Now, I may seem calm and centered most of the time. Truth is, I don't feel much. Not anymore. It's part of the curse. And maybe the only consideration found in it. But you still touched me. I didn't have it in me to eat you after that. So I killed everyone but Tomás. I tied him and put him in my trunk while you were out. You're actually lucky it went down like it did."

            "Why Martha?" Binh asked.


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Great job as usual
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Awesome job!!! Great translator!
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Another great job!

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