Transfer by Terry M. West

A night crew encounters a cursed video clip.


Prepare to scream forever! Howie Payne and Nick Enlow work the midnight shift at Big Carl’s Video Transfer and Media Services. An odd AVI clip begins to appear in their public drive on a nightly basis. At first Howie and Nick think it’s a serialized art house horror film someone on the day shift is sending them in secret. As the clips progress, however, the now obsessed duo discover something deeper and darker in the videos. Horror author Terry M. West would like to introduce you to the Green Room and its primary occupant, The Screamer. Transfer is a new novella of absolute horror by Terry M. West.

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: creepypasta, horror, cursed, urban, terror

Word Count: 16000

Sales info:

TRANSFER has moved a decent amount of copies and had been reviewed favorably many places:

"This story gets under your skin and in your head."-Bob Milne, Beauty in Ruins
"Transfer is a genuinely unsettling nightmare for the nothing digital is safe era."-Zakk Madness, Night Worms/ The Eyes of Madness
"It's original, brutal, and downright horrifying." -Destiny Barber, Howling Libraries
"The Screamer is easily one of the creepiest creatures in recent memory. Highly recommended." -Duncan Ralston, author of Ghostland
"[Transfer will] sit easily in my top reads of the year."-Steve Stred, Kendall Reviews
"This is next level material and should be considered essential reading for horror fans"-DS Ullery, author of Beyond Where the Sky Ends
"Transfer is a short punch of horror that grabs hold and doesn't relent--even after the story ends."-Thomas S. Flowers. author of the Planet of the Dead series
"Great novella. Great characters. Great creature. You'll have fun with this one."-Shaun Hupp, Maniacs with Knives
"Terry M. West's Transfer was a delight."-Adrienne Clark, Phantastiqa

Sample text:


“The world’s a raging dumpster fire, Howie,” Nick Enlow said as he entered the main edit room of Big Carl’s Video Transfer and Media Services.

Howard Payne looked at his millennial coworker after glancing at the wall clock. The kid was late again. Howard (Howie to his friends) didn’t care. If Big Carl didn’t give a good shit, why should he? But his eyes always went to the clock when the kid showed up. Pavlov’s Howie. Nick usually entered the dark womb of Big Carl’s with a rant on his lips. It should have annoyed Howie, but he found it entertaining for the most part. Other than the occasional mislabeled home porn tape, there wasn’t much to be entertained by in the edit hole.

“Is this a sudden epiphany?” Howie said. He babysat a tape in the beta deck that was transmitting to the public drive. Howie prayed it didn’t get eaten. He wasn’t in the mood to splice tape. There was a slight whine that sounded like the belt on the loading motor of the deck was going. He’d have to crack it open if the sound worsened.


Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Marie-Pier Deshaies
Author review:
Terrific & thorough job! Highly recommended!
Already translated. Translated by Patricia Stroleny
Author review:
An excellent translation! Patricia is highly recommended!
Already translated. Translated by Francesco Caligiuri
Author review:
Always reliable and very creative. I highly recommend Francesco Caligiuri.
Already translated. Translated by Joaquim Dias
Author review:
Quick and accurate
Already translated. Translated by Mel Blumen
Author review:
Mel is great! One of the best! Always a pleasure to work with her!

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