HONGER by Terry M. West

A man with an ancient curse lives a lonely existence in 1997 NYC.


Hunger knows no friend but its feeder…Tarrytown, NYWinter 1679Willem Tenner is a God-fearing Dutch wheat farmer. After he and his family take in a half-dead old man that has come to their doorstep, a violent and gory nightmare that will last for an eternity begins. Basilius De Vries is an undying creature. He consumes Willem's family and curses the wheat farmer with the bite that never heals. De onheilige honger. The eternal hunger. Piermont, NYWinter 1997Willem Tenner works at a video store and has few friends. He has lived many lives since 1679. He doesn't know what he is. He doesn't even know the name for it. When the hunger comes, he picks victims who have already given their lives away: Junkies, hookers, criminals. He will soon have to abandon this life and start again before people notice that he doesn't age. Willem had thought himself the only monster on this endless, ravenous trek through time. But he was wrong.An enemy has come for him. And the monster plans on tearing Willem's life, body, and soul apart.

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: horror, vampire, zombie

Word Count: 20000

Sales info:

HONGER has been out a few years and has done well in the Amazon horror rankings. It is currently included in my GRUESOME collection which has hit #1 in horror short stories numerous times.It is ranked 4.6 out of 5 at this writing. 


"A sad, violent tale with a solid backstory and well-developed mythology. After a slow build of character and mythology, the final third of the story races along, only becoming darker, bloodier, and even more chilling with each development. As for the climax, West always nails his endings, and this is no exception."-Bob Milne, Beauty in Ruins

"Deliciously Gory!" -Paula Limbaugh, Horror Novel Reviews



Sample text:


What remained of the man and his wife was a tangled mess of gore on the king sized bed. I heard a soft moan from the closet. It was the kid.

I walked over to the door and eased it open. I noticed small bare feet near the shoe shelf. The boy hid behind hanging clothes.

"It's okay," I whispered.

I wasn't sure what the Hell I was going to do with him. I didn't eat kids. I never ate kids. It was a bad move. People noticed when children went missing. It stirred shit up.

I moved the clothes aside and saw the boy, standing there in his pajama bottoms. He wept into his palms. As I reached for him, his hands dropped and he snarled at me. I wasn't prepared for that and I fell back. The kid pounced out of the closet. Even in the low light, I saw the teeth marks on his right cheek. He latched onto my left leg and bit into my upper thigh.

I screamed and pulled him off. I grunted and threw him across the room. He came right back, his face warped in frenzy. He gave a violent cry and leapt at me. I managed to catch him. The little prick was strong. It took all my strength to keep his snapping teeth from my face. I steered him to the doorway and slammed him against the threshold. It dazed him. I dropped him to the floor and stomped his head.

His body jerked and he tried to rise. I brought my boot down again. The hate still sputtered from his lips, but it had no power. I smashed his head at least three more times. I didn't stop until his skull cracked.

I dropped to the floor and gripped my leg. It hurt like a son of a bitch. I thought I might sob from the pain. If what Michal had told me about more than one bite was true, I was fucked.

I looked at the kid's broken head and rage rose up.

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Already translated. Translated by Mattia Castorino
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Quick, accurate and easy to collaborate with!
Already translated. Translated by Mario Espitia
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Fantastic job. Reliable and talented.
Already translated. Translated by José Cuervo
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Very good translation, communication, and delivery on time!

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