The Giving of Things Cold and Cursed by Terry M. West

A Baker Johnson Tale

A broken psychical researcher moves into his uncle's haunted estate.

The giving of things cold and cursed

The Giving of Things Cold & Cursed is a haunting tale by critically acclaimed horror author Terry M. West. Baker Johnson is a flawed parapsychologist in the year 1925. After the death of Richard Johnson, Baker inherits his uncle's estate and moves into the legendary psychic researcher's home. But he soon discovers that the Black Room of the property, the place where haunted items are safely contained, has been emptied. This is a brand-new and never-before-published short story.

Genre: FICTION / Ghost

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: horror , ghost, haunted, supernatural, occult

Word Count: 4400

Sales info:

Baker Johnson is one of my most popular characters. This tale has been out for over five years and has been read by thousands of horror fans.

Sample text:

“Are you familiar with psychical research?” Baker asked them both.


Deidre frowned curiously. “Can’t say that I am but I don’t like the sound of it.”


“I’ve heard a little about it,” Sherman replied, but he elaborated no further.


“My uncle and I were both involved with psychical research,” Baker explained. “We investigated claims of supernaturalism.”


“I always took him for a little morbid, but I had no idea he engaged in such black pursuits,” Deidre said, with a superstitious distaste. “The things I’ve heard; mediums and séances. Spiritualists bleeding slime from their mouths. We aren’t meant to call upon the dead. The good lord put a fence between us and the deceased for a good reason, I am sure.”


Baker was having more impressions regarding the lady. He imagined her deceased husband had done well, but still left her with little. And there were children involved; otherwise she would have simply found another husband. She had been educated. Perhaps too well, and there was a dearth of opportunity for women who were too smart. God-fearing was blatantly obvious. He tried to appeal to that intelligence of hers.

Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Vieru Raluca Maria
Author review:
Awesome translation as always!
Already translated. Translated by Carmelo Massimo Tidona
Author review:
I was thrilled to work with Carmelo! Believe all of the fantastic things authors say about him! Carmelo was able to communicate my story perfectly. Nothing was lost in translation. I hope to work with Carmelo again!
Already translated. Translated by Noel Cafange de Carvalho
Author review:
Noel is accurate, committed, creative, and has an incredible turnaround time. I look forward to more collaborations in the future.
Already translated. Translated by L. M. Gutéz
Author review:
Awesome translation! I hope to work with L.M. again!

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