Matt's Amazing Week by Martin Lundqvist

One hectic week, teaching a young boy about life.

Matt's amazing week

Matt Smart is a 6-year-old boy who lives in Sydney with his parents. Follow Matt on a week filled with friendship and soccer, as well as the existential questions of life such as science vs religion and the loss of a loved one, explained for a kid. This book would be suitable for kids between 5 and 9


Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Family / General

Language: English

Keywords: morality, sports, kid, soccer, healthy eating, science, religion

Word Count: 2300

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Sample text:


This story is about Matt. His full name is Matthew Smart, and his friends and family call him Matt.

Matt is 6 years old. He lives in Sydney. Like all kids, Matt has a biological mother and a biological father. Matt is fortunate as he also has both his parents still around to bring him up. They both love him very much in their own way.

Sunday Morning

Matt woke up. The sun was shining, and it was a happy day. Matt was a good boy last night and went to bed early. Matt’s parents wanted him to sleep early. Sometimes he didn’t want to sleep early, but he felt better the day after when he did.

Matt’s mother, Eleanor walked into his room. 


- “Rise and shine, sunshine.

- “It is Sunday, and time to go to church.”


- “But I don’t want to go to church. I want to stay in my room and play with Michael!”


- “Don’t be silly. Michael isn’t real, and he can wait until we come back.”

- “So, so, my dear. Let me help you get ready. We must go to church to pray to Jesus.”

Eleanor helped Matt to get dressed. Then they walked to the church.

Matt sat in the back of the church sulking, while his mummy was singing and listening to the priest.

Matt felt his mum was unfair. Why did he have to go to the boring church to listen to a dull old man talking about her imaginary friends, Jesus and God?

When Matt talks about Michael, no one seems to care. And Jesus is as real or unreal as Michael is. After a long time, the church was finally over, and Matt could go home and eat before his favourite activity. Playing soccer!

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