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Carlos mora

Hello, I am Carlos and I am a great reader of science fiction, from Jules Verne to the current, specialist in information systems and system design, my last work was more in the administration management both companies and departments of public service. Already starting my 63 years, with a sufficient experience, born in Venezuela and a great reader, I have had two marriages and I only have a daughter currently 21 years, I still have great expectations of life and I continue to struggle to have great successes both working and Personal, I was born in an Andean village and currently live near the capital of Venezuela, in Caracas, 30 minutes towards the mountain, my tastes are simple, and in addition to reading I like adventure sports.

Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese
Translates into: Spanish

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My Colombian friend said that the translation was perfect.
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