James Locker: The Duality of Fate by Martin Lundqvist

Struggling with his mental health, James must catch a killer connected to his past!

James locker: the duality of fate

When James Locker's boss the legendary Michael Fuller is sacked from the central Sydney Murder Investigation Unit his dream to be a crime detective finally comes true. His Dream soon turns into a nightmare however as his mental state is deteriorating and Sydney is plagued by a psychopathic serial killer who seems to have a special interest in James personally. Will James Locker manage to stop this villain before it is too late?

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Crime

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Psychological

Language: English

Keywords: Police, serial killer, corruption, mental illness, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Word Count: 71000

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Sample text:

The Killer was overjoyed when he finally managed to hack and disable the security cameras in the building where Jessica Hall lived. 

The Killer was a bit disappointed that there was no security camera in Jessica’s apartment. He had thirty minutes to kill before it was time to strike and he would love to watch her last thirty minutes alive. He was considering talking with her before he killed her. Would that be difficult? He had chosen to not say anything to Miranda DiMaestro, but it had hurt him a bit that she never knew why he killed her. Then again, since the Killer did not believe in life after death what use would his victims have for that knowledge? Besides, there was another reason to kill Jessica quickly; if she realised that he was going to kill her, she would probably scream her lungs out which would alert the entire neighbourhood of his presence.

The Killer felt good about killing Jessica Hall. He had experienced mixed feelings when killing Miranda DiMaestro as she had seemed to be a more naïve woman who believed in the good sides of her husband. When it came to Jessica Hall, the Killer perceived her as a source of corruption and evil. She was not the greatest of sinners, but she was the kind of vice that nurtured the other ones. As long as there were women like her who served as the prize for evil deeds the spirit of evil would never die. Would men still turn to darkness and do horrendous crimes if this would lead to never feeling a woman’s touch again? Most of them would not!  But if there were women like Jessica Hall, who glorified evil and corruption through gladly the accepting the spoils without asking questions, evil deeds would always appeal to a lot of people. She would die tonight as a symbol for the damage her egoistical behaviour was creating in the world! 

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