Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night Book 1 (of 4) by Vianka Van Bokkem

Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night Book 1 (of 4)

Vampire  by day werewolf by night book 1 (of 4)

Elina Jensen was cursed to walk as a vampire by day and as a werewolf by night, when she was in her mother's womb. 
Elina had to deal not only with her double curse, but with her attraction for Arian the nineteen - year old human boy, Kitchi the strong Native American werewolf, and Tristan the handsome Romanian vampire. 

Can she find true love and the acceptance from her human friends with her double curse? Or is she going to be rejected?

Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English


Word Count: 9224

Sample text:

My mother was three months pregnant when my father decided to take her to a nice picnic area near a beautiful hiking place outside Sirdal in Norway.

   My parents just finished eating a juicy watermelon when they decided to go for a walk on a trail around the hiking area. It was a cloudy winter afternoon.

   They were the only ones walking the trail that fatal day. After walking for a little while, my mother got thirsty, and my father realized that he left the water back at the picnic area.

   He asked my mom to wait there for him while he ran back to get it for her.

   Before my father returned, a strange man appeared right in front of my mother.

Before she could scream, the man grabbed her neck and started sucking her blood.

   When my father came back, he saw what the stranger was doing to his beloved wife and ran towards him.

   The stranger was a vampire. He moved fast and grabbed my father’s neck instead.

   When my mother woke up, she saw my father’s body next to her and when she tried to wake him up, she realized he was dead.

   The vampire was going to kill my mother, but when my father showed up, he killed him instead and turned my mother into a vampire.

   My grandmother loved my mother very much, and after learning about the attack and how she was turned into a vampire, she helped her by bringing animal’s everyday so she could feed. I learned to like the taste of blood when I was inside her womb.

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