Vampire Triplets Book 3 (of 4) (Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night series) by Vianka Van Bokkem

Vampire Triplets Book 3 (of 4)

Vampire triplets book 3 (of 4) (vampire  by day werewolf by night series)

Norway and the rest of the world are in chaos. My clan and Nahuels are constantly fighting. Vampires and werewolves are turning humans in alarming numbers. 
Gavril and Crina the masters of the elite vampire coven Celebrus. (Latin word for rich and respected) were genetic engineering three perfect vampire rulers. 

Crina and Gavril spent 400 years working their vampire genes via in vitro fertilization. After they were finally successful a surrogate human mother was chosen. The surrogate was a young healthy Romanian woman named Cecilia. 

The triplets names are Aries, Aella, and Alair. They call themselves Judges of Chaos. To keep order in the world the triplets kill those who display hostility. The rest of us are being forced to work as their slaves. 

The perfectly engineered vampire triplets ignore their origin. 

Will the secrets inside the brown box reveal where the surrogate is? 

Is there hope for us to end slavery?

Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English


Word Count: 7375

Sample text:

Norway and the rest of the world are in chaos. My clan and Nahuel’s are constantly fighting.

Vampires and werewolves are turning humans in alarming numbers. Grigore’s Romanian clan asked him to help them defeat a vicious vampire coven.

Our romance was put on hold and I miss him very much. I feel solace when I embrace the Egyptian bronze jar that has Tristan’s ashes. I hope he forgives me for being attracted to his killer.

I am not in love with Grigore yet because we don’t spend a lot of time together. Maybe when war is over and he returns to Sirdal, we can recapture our romance.

Kai is now an eighteen-year-old beautiful woman. In the middle of war and chaos she has a lot of admirers.

She flirts with the boys but keeps her distance. Kitchi comes to me for advice whenever a werewolf boy asks him permission to court her. I tell him that it’s Kai’s prerogative and she will choose when she is ready.

Silver Fox is now married to Wild Flower. They are the same age and love each other very much. Wild Flower is expecting her pups soon.

I can’t wait to spoil them. Our beloved and respected Pauwua died a few months ago, leaving Kai as the new medicine woman. Ingrid and Jeff decided to move to the USA and took Apony with them. I am sure she will be happy.

Pauwua and I taught them how to deal with her lycanthropy. One rainy afternoon, Kai sensed the enemy’s presence close by. 

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Already translated. Translated by Silvia García
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Silvia García is an exceptional translator. I highly recommend her.

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