A Vampire's Werewolf Clan by Vianka Van Bokkem

A Vampire's Werewolf Clan

A vampire's werewolf clan

My grandfather was a famous Italian scientist and when he and his only daughter were turned into vampires he tried to find a cure without success. 
His daughter was now used to being a vampire and she really wanted to have a baby. She had a boyfriend but, vampires couldn't have babies. 

After a century of trying my grandfather was able to create the serum that could help her get pregnant and I was born. 

When I was two months old the three of us went to the Colorado Mountains for a nice vacation. My grandfather and my mother were killed there by renegade vampires. 

After the killers left me to be eaten by wild animals a werewolf couple found me and raised me like a daughter the werewolf way. 


Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: vampires and werewolves, vampires, werewolves, paranormal romance, horror

Word Count: 7710

Sample text:

My grandfather was a very intelligent scientist in his natal Italy. He had a pretty daughter named Daniela who was everything in the world to him.

One night my grandfather and my mother were celebrating her 19th birthday in a cute little restaurant outside the city.

When they finished their succulent dinner, they walked through the empty, dark parking lot. Suddenly two male strangers appeared out of nowhere and restrained them. They both felt sharp fangs penetrating their necks and fainted.

After the strangers were done they left my grandfather and mother unconscious on the cold ground.

A couple of hours later my mother was the first one to wake up. Her neck was hurting and she felt something sharp inside her mouth, to her horror she touched two fangs with her finger. She had a small mirror inside her purse and she pulled it out right away.  

My mother was able to confirm her suspicions when the mirror didn’t project her image; they were attacked by vampires.

When my grandfather woke up she told him what she discovered. Since he was a scientist he didn’t want to admit it right away. But, the evidence was overwhelming.

After that fatal day my grandfather worked in his lab all the time trying to find a cure that could make them human again. After many failed attempts he decided to put his energy in another direction. My mother was used to being a vampire, but she really wanted to have a baby.

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Already translated. Translated by Alice Zanzottera
Author review:
Translator Alice Zanzottera work ethic is excellent. She pays attention to detail and her input is invaluable. ~Vianka Van Bokkem
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Already translated. Translated by Montserrat Velasco

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