Celebrus Coven Book 4 (of 4) End of Series by Vianka Van Bokkem

Celebrus Coven Book 4 (of 4) End of Series

Celebrus coven book 4 (of 4) end of series

The infamous Celebrus Coven is cloning humans with blood AB-, B- and O-. Those types of blood are rare, which makes them a delicacy. The riches vampires in the world were in line for such treat and didn’t mind paying large amounts of money for it. 

Our regular heroes Elina, Grigore, Kitchi, Kai, and Silver Fox, embarked in the same journey to free the human clones. 

Aella discovered that she had the ability to control, generate, and absorb electric fields. Alair also discovered that he had the ability to astral project anywhere. 

They ignore the power that Aries has and are hoping to defeat him and the Celebrus Coven. 

An unexpected cute arrival will change Elina and Grigores' life forever!

Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: vampire series, vampires and werewolves, paranormal romance, vampires and werewolves series, horror

Word Count: 7450

Sample text:

“Hey, guys! Aella is requesting our presence in the living room,” Silver Fox yelled from the hall.

Grigore and I joined the rest of the family. Aella looked concerned.

“I just received bad news from an informer. Gavril, Crina, Aries and a few scientists’ members of the ‘Celebrus Coven’ are cloning humans. They did it behind our backs. I guess they didn’t trust me or Alair with their secret.”

“Why are they cloning humans, Aella?” Grigore asked, while standing up.

“They are cloning humans with blood AB-, B- and O-. Those types of blood are rare, which makes them a delicacy. The richest vampires in the world are in line for such treats and don’t mind paying large amounts of money for it.”

“In other words, the Celebrus Coven members are creating a human farm,” Cecilia added with trembling voice.

“That’s correct, mother. Alair and I can only drink blood from humans. If we try to drink blood from animals, we get sick. However, we know when to stop drinking without killing or turning them into one of us.

“It sounds like our plans to destroy the enemy just got more dangerous. I am glad I discovered my ability to control, generate or absorb electric fields.”

“My astral projection power can allow me to communicate with any of you, wherever you are,” Alair added, feeling helpful.

“I can imagine how angry Gavril and Crina are without Aella, Alair and Anamarie. I also wonder if they told Aries that he has a little sister,” I expressed while hugging Grigore.

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