Richard Lee (author)

Science Fantasy and Thrillers. This is what I write.

Richard lee

Lee Pletzers (AKA Richard Lee) is a displaced New Zealand writer of the weird, wonderful and grotesque. 

Since 2001 he has made an impact on the genre world and thrives within its limitless boundaries. Over seventy short stories have slammed his name on anthologies and magazines across the globe. Five novels impacted humanity and two novellas were the icing on the cake. 

Winner of  SFReader (1st place winner short story contest 2015), The Horror World flash fiction contest in 2004 , 2005 Editors Pick Thirteen Magazine UK, Winner of the Blooded Dagger Award 2004 for Re-Entry of Evil (re-released as The Last Church), Greywolf Power of Words award and finalist in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards. 

He still sends his books out to independent and legacy publishers, looking for that elusive million dollar cheque. 


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Short story. They thought they were safe.
Love is twisted and dark. Short story (4,100 words)
YA. For the lovers of Space Operas and Fantastical SF
The truth is here...
What happens to an immune when injected with the blood of a zombie?
Cthulhu returns. Book 1 of 3 (WARNING: This book is hardcore horror. Extreme. )
A Post-Apocalyptic Time Travel novel
Short story: A father and son fishing trip takes a turn for the worse
Mankind is about to undergo the next evolutionary step.
Short story. A Japanese myth seeks revenge
A thinking, breathing, calculating virus wreaks havoc in virtual reality gaming.
They will battle, not only for their souls but the souls of humanity. They will be pushed to the limit, enter foreign realities and lose friends, as the devil is coming to...The Last Church.
Short story. Zombies in Space
Three award winning short stories in one tiny package.
A new kind of virus (short story)