No Rebound Weight Loss: An Intermittent Fasting True Story by Richard Lee

The truth is here...

No rebound weight loss: an intermittent fasting true story

This book contains only the meat and bones of weight loss without rebounding. There is no fluff, no filler, no wasted words. The report is easy to read like listening to the author talk at a conference.

Think Keto
Think OMAD
Think intermittent fasting
Think Easy

This book is the step by step guide from Richard Lee, as he went from 116Kg to 89kg. 

More than a third of the population suffer from weight issues. Some suffer illness as a result. I was well on my way to an appointment with death. I didn't know my liver was crapping out, my blood pressure was so high I lost my gym membership, my insulin levels were always up, and my heart was double-timing just to keep me breathing. This came as quite a shock. You see, this is meant to happen to other people. Not me. I'm the guy who lifted weights three times a week, taught Karate and drove a truck. I'm just a normal guy, living a normal life. 

The drinking culture in New Zealand is rampant and I partook of it. The fast food is great. Fish 'n' Chips, Triple Cheeseburgers, cream buns, chocolate blocks, potato chips, ice cream, corn chips, meat pies, apple pies, blueberry cheesecake et al. Everything tastes great and it's hard to know when to stop. 

It's as if the appetite part of our brain is broken or confused. This needs to be corrected. And it is a piece of cake. No stress, no calorie counting, enjoy carbs. This system, if followed, will not fail you. 

It's easy. It's simple. It works. 

This report illustrates the road I took and the things I discovered along the way as I became a test subject for my research. Along the road, I learnt many truths and discovered many falsities as well. I wrote this book to share a proven system and to show you that if I can do it, you can as well. 

OMAD is a system that is easy to follow and has an active Facebook group associated with it. There are pictures in the book, a step by step system and links to the places I utilised. Also, you'll find before and after pictures. Raw pics. No Photoshop or anything like that. 

If you get this book jump on twitter and let me know how it worked for you. 


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Sample text:

Truth One: Muscle does burn fat, BUT when you build the muscle to burn the fat, the muscle grows under the fat. So you look a lot bigger and start to believe that that truth is fake news at the beginning. I feel this is the reason many people stop after a few months.

I remember way back when...way back...when I was 25 years old. Actually, let me start from the start.

0-5 years old. I was an active kid and skinny. I don’t have many memories from those days apart from running everywhere and anywhere, usually with my friends.

5-8 years old, I discovered sweets (or sweets were introduced to me via a kind aunt).

8-15 years old. Teased a lot for being fat, but used well for rugby league 2nd row. I was well overweight but also strong as an Ox. At the age of thirteen, I was introduced to bodybuilding. It didn’t burn any fat. It made me bigger, and it didn't take long before I was curling weights equal to adults.

I enjoyed my two years at Don Oliver Gym. I started to take part in aerobics classes held there.

At first, it was to ogle women in tights (Everything in this report is honest. And as a red-blooded teenager...but looking back, I think they knew why I joined), but fifteen minutes later I got hooked on the loud music, the shouting commands and the movements (I sucked at the beginning). Sweat poured off me like a waterfall. The ogle factor disappeared very quickly.

Afterwards, I felt pretty good, so I added this to the Don Oliver weightlifting. On alternate days, I switched aerobics for swimming. 

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