The Zombie Virus by Richard Lee

Short story. Zombies in Space

The zombie virus

Short story


Zombies in Space

The Kentucky Pride ship pulls alongside a dead ship.

Life sign reading

A child, innocent, amongst a sea of dead bodies. Surviving, hiding.

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: zombie, spaceship, horror, outerspace

Word Count: 5700

Sales info:

Run away seller a few years back. 

Sample text:

Short story

The Kentucky Pride came alongside the ‘floating boat’. A ship dead in space. No electronics, no communication, faulty distress beacon, one life form—child—and minimal life support. Seventy-seven confirmed dead. Reason unknown.

The ship had been scanned twice. Jared considered a third scan, but he didn’t know what to scan for. Everything had been checked.

His team was ready to board, the docking procedure almost complete. But there was a sense of wrongness to this entire situation, but he couldn’t put his finger on the problem. Something was out of whack. The DELTA ship looked in prime condition; why was it drifting here, way off any known course?  

“Computer, scan child’s vitals.”

He waited.

“Captain, we’re ready to board.” Security team leader, Pope Marshall waved at the camera. He was a big man, all muscle but friendly as hell, once you got to know the guy. But when it came to laying down the law, there was no tougher mother on board. All the security team was large, well armed and well trained. They had to be, especially on a prison ship; regardless if the prisoners were walking around or in time-suspension, as they were now.

Jared scratched at the growth on his cheeks. “Hold your horses, Pope.” He turned to the controls. “Computer, I asked for the child’s vitals. What’s taking so long?”

Delta security clearance required.     



“What ship is this?”

Delta security clearance required.     

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Already translated. Translated by Diana Brandao
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Top Notch work as always.
Beautiful translation.
Hope we get to work together again.
Already translated. Translated by Matthias Hausberg
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fast turn around.
Great translation
Already translated. Translated by rossella cristantielli
Author review:
Indentation issues. I fixed. Apart from that, all good.
Thank you!
Already translated. Translated by Elaine de Macedo
Author review:
always excellent. Ela is an amazing translator. Very communicative and double checks her work. Fantastic.
Already translated. Translated by Lorena Isabel Ibacache Alvarez
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Lorena is excellent and also keeps us informed with open and honest communication.
She is highly recommended.

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