Ellen by Richard Lee

Love is twisted and dark. Short story (4,100 words)



Harold loves Ellen. Ellen loves Harold.
In high school, Ellen protected Harold from the school bullies. She kept him safe. And now, years later they are together.

Life was perfect until he met a stranger, with no name, in a graveyard.

Review: Ellen Lee Pletzers

Hand it to author Lee Pletzers: he's not afraid to examine the outermost regions of human depravity and still make the story literate and involving enough not to be exploitive.

Recommended – but again, with caution: This is horror cooked rare with the blood dripping from the plate. If you're a drinker, you may want to pour yourself a stiff one before plunging in.

-- C. M. Briggs (Amazon Reviewer) 


Genre: FICTION / Horror

Language: English

Keywords: Split personality, madness, necrophilia , love

Word Count: 4100

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Sample text:

Harold grunted as he thrust in and out of the girl under him.  Her moans were annoying and likely faked, but he didn’t care, he was getting his rocks off.  He was twenty-four and this was his first time. 

People had told him the first time was quick and clumsy.  But goddamn if he wasn’t coming up on three minutes now.  He felt the buildup.  Not long now.  Almost.  Almost.  Nearly there. 

“Sweet Jesus, hallelujah!”

Breathing heavily, he climbed off the girl.  Ellen was a sweetheart.  She was the only girl who didn’t act stupid around him.  Harold knew he was a few cans short of a six-pack, and that was fine by him.  But for others, that seemed to make him a target.  High school sucked.  Except for Ellen. 

Someone was clapping. 

A stranger stood at the edge.  A faraway street light barely reached him illuminating his slight smile and narrow eyes.  He had long, dark wavy hair and a muscular body, his clothes fit just right.  He wore a long coat and motorcycle boots.  He was everything Harold wasn’t. 

Harold quickly tried to cover Ellen’s body.  “This is a private moment!”

The stranger stopped clapping.  “The police will be here shortly.” He licked his fingers and adjusted his hair.  “Fucking cops are coming for you.”

Shocked, Harold stood up.  “Why? I ain’t done nah-ting.”

“Necrophilia is illegal.”


“What you are doing to Ellen.” 


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