Resurrection Child by Lee Pletzers

The Birth (Cthulhu Returns Book 1)

Cthulhu returns. Book 1 of 3 (WARNING: This book is hardcore horror. Extreme. )

Resurrection child

Damon Hutter is not your friend. He is a man you will hate. Unfortunately he is the only man who can usher in the dawning of a new age with Cthulhu and the old gods taking back their throne. He is the only one who can do what needs to be done. He’s tough, rough and violent. 

That makes him perfect for the job. 

Caroline was chosen eons before she was born to be the new mother of the old ones. It’s a destiny that will tear her apart and crack her mind. 

TRU LiGHT is a cult with intimate knowledge of the Cthulhu sect and the goal of bring back the old ones to rule Man. For them, there is only one God, the individual, and they will stop at nothing to reach Caroline and destroy the monster growing inside her. 

Damon must be stopped, regardless of the cost of life. 

What must be done must be done. 

Even when that means war and blood will cover the streets. 

WARNING: This book is hardcore horror. 

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: Cthulha, old gods, old ones, lee pletzers, horror, hardcore, extereme

Word Count: 100000

Sales info:

Originally published by Dark Continents Press in 2012, it sold well. 

As an ebook, not so well. 

Sample text:

It was all going down in twenty-four hours. He could barely contain himself.

The meeting room stretched out around him, reminding him of school halls where the headmaster stood every Monday morning and discussed matters, not that Damon ever listened. Soft mats covered the floor. Adorning the walls were large-scale paintings of Cthulhu and the Old Ones; some looked like scaly beasts and others stick insects with bloated bellies. But the main dude, Cthulhu, was a mean-looking bastard. He stood erect, had two feet, two arms, and an upper torso that looked almost human. The skin wasn’t smooth in the slightest. It reminded him of a scaly dragon he had seen in numerous ‘fantasy’ paintings. Cthulhu’s face, on the other hand, was like a dead, dark green, pulpy light bulb, with short octopus tentacles dangling from the bottom lip, past the jawbone, looking almost like a beard. Sprouting from its back were large leathery wings.

This is what he was helping give life to and bring to Earth. The paintings, frightful as they were, did not bring him fear or nightmares; instead they brought him comfort. 


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Many thanks.

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