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Philip g henley

Philip G Henley spent nearly eighteen years in the Royal Air Force before entering the civilian corporate world. He specialised in IT and then Programmes and Projects before most recently working as an IT Director for a large UK Service Company. He has now retired from formal work to concentrate on writing and a long list of To Read books

Philip lives with his wife Lisa in Hampshire in the UK.

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Philip likes getting reviews, good, preferably, but he is grateful to anyone who takes the time to read and then comment about his stories.

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Spies, killers and conspiracy
The Conclusion to The Demise series
The sequel to An Agent's Demise - the conspiracy contiues
The Bullets Are Real
Intervention with aliens can go wrong
Love, gambling and art in a contemporary romance
Too rich and too poor , can love conquer?
A novel of more mistakes and near tragedy
Spies, terrorists and sailing
Missing girls, missing money, missing man and trouble ahead
Money, spies and those hunting them
A novel of writing, lust, storms, secrets and relationships...
Music and relationships
The complete Demise Trilogy
A wealthy man reviews his life and mistakes
The Observers watch but must not intervene
A virus nearly wipes out humanity, who will survive and how?