The Persuasive Man by Philip G Henley

A wealthy man reviews his life and mistakes

The persuasive man

David is very good at persuading people whether it’s as a teenager at a shop checkout, or later as a car salesman. Then there are stocks and shares and financial wheeling dealing as his wealth builds. He can persuade the women in his life but his relationships may not be real. What is persuasion and what is just good fortune? His morals may leave a lot to be desired but when serious illness strikes he has to reconsider his actions. A tale of greed, insider trading, love and misfortune, that spans the globe. His persuasive ability brought him success, but at what cost?

Whether he is in his New York apartment, his French Château, or his St Kitts home, he has to decide what to do with his money and how to say goodbye.

Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: Money, persuasion, London, New York, Dubai, stocks, shares, webs, nests, loves, loss, illness, finance

Word Count: 94000

Sales info:

Has not sold well as it's genre is odd. There is quite a bit of French dialogue in one section. Reviews have been good, but genre is a challenge

Sample text:

How can I be this rich, and yet, you haven’t heard about me? I stay out of sight that’s how. Did you expect a personal invitation? I work in the background. I did not, and do not, chase actresses, fashion models, or the latest TV Soap star. I did not run public companies, or run countries, although Swiss banks are full of those that did. I have Swiss accounts of course, along with Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Cayman Islands and so on. I’m not Howard Hughes; I’m not a recluse living in a hidden penthouse or some Bond villain on a deserted private secret island. What do I own, well bits of lots of things; I own shares in companies, that own shares in funds, that own shares in companies, that own shares in other companies, that own trust funds, that own… well you get the picture? I live nowhere and yet I have lots of homes. I pay tax everywhere, but little anywhere. I travel a lot, even now, despite the lump. I have access to jets, helicopters, boats, well yachts without sails, and cars. I have had meetings with everyone that is important that you have or might not have heard of. They don’t remember me or talk about me, unless I want them to. I have carried out legal operations, or are they illegal? It depends on where, and when the financial transaction took place, and who wants their kick-back? I have bent many rules and broken some. I could not describe myself as a good person, but I could have been much worse. I have been investigated by numerous agencies, not all of them financial regulators. I have not stood for public office but I have stood in many offices, public and private. I have been waited on, and spent a lot of time waiting, especially when some minor or senior official wants to demonstrate their power.

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Already translated. Translated by Matteo Serrago
Already translated. Translated by Hernando Gomez

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