Sails by Philip G Henley

Money, spies and those hunting them


Despite the declared end of the pandemic, there are still threats to the UK, particularly from Russia. Friends from across the Atlantic who like to meddle continue to track and follow the shadowy financing team supporting the UK’s security services. They assured the UK they would not, but disparate agencies in the USA have different agendas.
Michelle and Hugh Turnbill are now married. The couple managed MI5's and MI6's clandestine funds. They occasionally sail around the Greek Islands with the Harper sisters or stay at their new house in Mykonos. They desire a normal life but are aware that caution must still be exercised, and complacency avoided. A Treasury probe investigating missing funds puts their way of life and lives in danger.
An unhappy assistant in the Treasury has been leaking information to someone who appears to be a journalist but he is actually sending the reports to Russia. The Russian security services launch an urgent investigation and may well take more direct action. They discover names and some photos. Information previously covered up by a Russian general.
MI6 needs to protect the system, but some elements still want more control. Kathrine commences an operation to protect them. One of her old assets needs to escape Russia.
Russian forces are closing in and are keeping an eye on the Treasury. MI5 is keeping an eye on them in an effort to identify the source of the Russian information. The finance team needs to dodge all the other teams trying to take control of them and the money.

Genre: FICTION / Espionage

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Crime

Language: English

Keywords: MI6, NSA, Spies, MI5, Greek Islands, Sailing, Russia

Word Count: 105000

Sales info:

Newly released the third part of the Sailing Clear series after Sailing Clear and Sail Chains

Sample text:

He repeated his thoughts that it was all overly complicated. Kathrine was playing a chess game, and Liam was a piece in it.
Sam had insisted that guns were not planned or would not be needed. Liam had only picked up a gun to re-qualify since his return from Pakistan. He killed a man in Pakistan protecting Effi and Tom on that mission. He’d fired his gun again during the escape. He didn’t want to fire another. He’d be in an officially friendly NATO territory, giving a lift to the coast to a family he’d never met. He hoped he wasn’t a sacrificial pawn.
He just had time to check his email to see if Michelle or Hugh had replied. There was nothing in his odd draft mail box. He checked via his service phone’s browser. He scanned the area. No one was paying him any attention. He felt out of practice checking for tails. There were people with noticeboards waiting to pick up passengers. He could see from the electronic noticeboard that the Moscow flight had landed, disembarked, and that luggage was awaited. A few people loitered at the cafe. He didn’t know if the arrivals had baggage. He hoped not. He knew they would have emotional baggage. He remembered the Afghan families and the trip to the UK. Another Kathrine mission, but they had a huge cultural change to look forward to. He didn’t know if they were coping. The Russians would find the UK slightly easier, he hoped, but they would be in danger for the rest of their lives. Russian security services would look for them. He recalled Salisbury.

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