Counter by Philip G Henley

The Bullets Are Real


Ben Walker, The Count, is off the grid hiding because of what he took. A life in the shadows with covert military operations was terminated. He sought revenge. He tracked down the chain of command. LC is the man who tried to have him killed but he made an offer to be a different type of hunter. Now Walker has taken information and money and gone into hiding. LC wants Walker and what he took. He will take extreme measures to get it. LC has also disappeared. He is wanted too. The hunters are now hunted. Helen Lawrence is part of a team cobbled together from the maze of Government agencies. They set out to try to find Walker so that he can help find LC who has also vanished. The team members are not all they seem and if they do find him then the real hunt needs to start. She has her own problems and desires without an entanglement with Walker. The missing data is valuable. The motives of the agencies are unknown. The bullets are real.

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Military

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Espionage

Language: English

Keywords: Spy, Killer, FBI, NSA, Sniper

Word Count: 73400

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Published on Amazon on Kindle and in Papaerback

Sample text:

I nodded, “No idea who they are, except they were lookin’ for me.” I should not have said that. What the hell was I doing in this place? Even my conversational grammar had dropped to the accent used by my father.
He also realized that I should not have said that much. He neatly changed out of the subject, “I’ll get that soup.”
I checked the motel rooms, nothing but porch lights and dull room glows from behind the blinds. I took the opportunity to scan the other rooms. He was right you could see right into the upstairs rooms although the view of a naked guy on his bed was one I could have done without. I returned the scope to the rooms I wanted to see.
I watched as I listened to the clatter from the kitchen and the ping of a microwave. “They ain’t goin’ nowhere soon, get some soup whilst it’s hot.”
I dragged myself away from my scope. I took off the backpack.
“Gonna get colder tonight.”
I knew it would. Not that the cold worried me. I had a nice North Face high performance wind cheater folded up in the backpack and a tight fitting balaclava with matching gloves that would turn my silhouette all black.

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