The Demise Trilogy by Philip G Henley

Demise, Rise, Prize

The complete Demise Trilogy

The demise trilogy

The Complete Demise Trilogy in one Volume

This is a complex thriller based on the lead up to and aftermath of the second Iraq war. A conspiracy to cover up the associated activities of parts of the intelligence services. Now available as a complete trilogy.

An Agent’s Demise:
Intelligence analysts and agents have gone missing, some may have been killed. The press and the police suspect there is a serial killer on the loose. John Slater was near the latest victim, he is evasive, appears to have no history, and he might be the killer. The second Iraq war and the intelligence network may link the victims and so The Metropolitan Police’s Special Branch investigates, with the help or hindrance of the Intelligence Agencies. The mistakes made in creating the dossiers used to support going to war are supposed to stay buried on both sides of the Atlantic, but still a killer strikes and is everybody telling the truth?

An Agent’s Rise:
The Demise operation was shut down the killer allowed to disappear. But the conspirators have not all been caught and the efforts of MI6 and the CIA to cover up the dirty deeds of the security services only results in more deaths and destruction. Slater returns to tidy up, but how can he reconcile his new life with what he is asked to do?

What happens to Jess and Michael? Will the newly promoted Detective Chief Inspector Hooper really allow the suspected killer to go free?

Can the authorities continue to cover up the plot to alter the Iraqi Dossiers on both sides of the Atlantic?

Can the killer stop killing?

An Agent’s Prize:
The conspiracy is over, the mistakes and cover up are hidden and buried for good. Both sides of the Atlantic can concentrate on the threats from Islamic Terrorism. That is what they all hope. They want to enlist a hidden black asset in the chase, but there are risks to that approach.

Meanwhile the FBI is still investigating what really happened. Is the conspiracy really over?

Al Qaeda plan new atrocities and MI6 with Homeland Security will try to stop them.

The newlywed Michael Johnson can help but his wife is still recovering from her injuries and she is suspicious of her husband and the authorities. From the streets of San Francisco to the suburban towns of England the terrorists are plotting an outrage.

Genre: FICTION / Espionage

Language: English

Keywords: Spy, Thriller, MI6, CIA, FBI, Killer, MI5

Word Count: 288000

Sales info:

Compiled from the three single versions into a series. A very fat paperback and sales on Kindle have been small - The first part Demise is the most popular and was once number one in Thrillers on Amazon

Sample text:

The recent investigation into Ian Hedges, and his conspiracy to murder and subvert was over. Mainly thanks to Hedges himself being dead. Hedges had been murdered they knew, in a police station's interview room. Officially, it was a suspicious death the adjourned inquest had recorded. A person unknown, as the reports put it, had entered the police station and then had run off leaving Hedges dead. All they did know, was that the suspected killer was of medium height, medium build and possibly dark hair which appeared to be longer than normal. The CCTV was not in the public domain. The press knew very little and was told even less.
Hooper and his team had spent weeks investigating a string of murders, or abductions connected to the UK's security services. At first, they thought it was a serial killer taking young women off the streets. Later they realised that there were many more unexplained disappearances of security service personnel, men, and women. Several were confirmed deaths that were then treated as suspicious, despite the original investigations. The investigating team had a clear suspect, John Slater, for the string of killings. He had several other aliases too, but it turned out that Slater was working for Hedges. The killer probably thought he was carrying out authorised missions. Hedges' killer was not John Slater whom Hooper had been told to stop chasing.
Despite CCTV in the police station, they had no clear picture of the man who had masqueraded as Hedges' solicitor. The only proper witness was the Police Constable, PC. He had been assigned for the day to the custody suite, because of the absence of the normal second custody sergeant. The on-duty custody sergeant had been in the toilet when the PC had let the fake solicitor in. The PC was so shocked after the incident that he went off sick. In his statement, he could not accurately recall what the attacker had looked like.

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