Take Four by Philip G Henley

Music and relationships

Take four

A short story covering four people’s points of view.
Mark King is a songwriter who secretly wrote a huge hit for the artist Louise Kline. She is a successful singer who claims to write her own material. Her half-brother Joel Kline helps to run a record company. He allowed the falsehood to continue. Joel chases wannabe pop stars and takes out escorts. One escort, Tamsin, meets Mark and there is a mutual attraction.
Inspiration for songs for Mark comes from the events around him and the people he meets. He likes Tamsin. He longs for Louise.
Following an attack by her current boyfriend, Louise is thrust further into the media spotlight.
Each protagonist tells their part of the story in this contemporary romance set in the music industry.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: Music, Contemporary, Songs, Escort, Songwriting

Word Count: 25900

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Sample text:

I check my watch. I have the studio booked. That is, so Mark can lay down some first cuts and work on a couple of other pieces. Then, I have Lithgow for a late lunch. I could do without that, but he’ll want to talk numbers and how much promotion is costing. He has his own list of potential acts to push back at me. His wife doesn’t claim to know about them, even though she was once one, replacing his wife number one. She has a nice house, a car, and two children in private schools, one of whom is definitely not Lithgow’s. He’ll probably ask about the agency girl as well. He uses it, too. He introduced me.
Somehow, Tamsin has invited herself along. Not before I take her back downstairs for another quick morning bout. She is good at that. Better than the lead singer from that new band I spent the night before last with. She’d been scared but was still willing, although limited in experience and therefore unsure. Nice body, some talent. I didn’t pressure her to come back to this apartment. She wasn’t drunk. I’ve learned from other exposés not to push too hard. Let them make the running. I need to be very clear with them. They provide consent without promises of record deals or success.
Tamsin had invited herself to the studio to watch the artist in action. At least she is bright and sensible enough not to get in the way. I can see Mark’s puppy dog eyes weighing the options of becoming entangled with her. She’s a working girl; I think to warn him, but nothing will probably happen. I’m pretty sure he realises what she is, even if he’s attracted to her. She is very good-looking.

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