Francois Keyser (author)

Never quit (unless we're talking about smoking!)

Francois keyser

Since Francois could first read he wanted to be an author.

After leaving a successful career in 2010, Francois returned to his childhood dream of being an author.

His first books were a children's series titled the "Junglies" series. The 'Junglies' is a series of twelve stories about the adventures of five jungle animals and their game warden friend. The stories are great to introduce children to endangered species and unity in diversity. Specific stories teach children about recycling and conservation, camouflage and teamwork as well as other concepts.

Francois followed the "Junglies' with children's stories in rhyme which include, 'The Tickle Tree' and 'A Bear in There'. Other children's stories not written in rhyme include 'Why Cry' and 'Not Eggsactly Easy'.

Francois progressed to Fantasy novels and published two fantasy novels titled 'WordRealm' and "Viva La Vida' which was inspired by the Coldplay song of the same name.

Francois is South African and currently lives in Bali, Indonesia with his wife and two daughters who are artistic in their own ways too.

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A story for children to show them they don't have to fear the dark
How does a rabbit get stuck in a tree?
Sometimes betrayal is a reluctant yet conscious choice....
Stories with values that encourage children to live their lives as champions
Can a wedding planner and a divorce lawyer get to the altar?
Life is shorter than you think so make every second count.
A story that teaches us how to use nature to live in harmony with animals
If you lived forever, how long would you wait for the one you loved?
A story that introduces children to recycling.
A sexy criminal can be tempting but what's the right thing to do?
Can two lovers find love again after years apart?
A fun story that teaches children about a unique characteristic in Komodo Dragons
Why are Raff's friends having a party without him?
A story that teaches the importance of conserving earth's resources.
Wishes can come true.....
Sometimes we just need to change our perspective....
Don't do anything dangerous without an adult....
A story that introduces children to camouflage
Who could imagine that a Number One Fan could have a Number One Fan?
Teamwork creates harmony.
The most beautiful jewel can hold horrific power...
Magic is everywhere. Just look for it....
Can teamwork stop a runaway train?
Don't always judge a book by it's cover
Can a tiger lose it's stripes?
It takes more than one man to make a dream real...
A child reminds us to see the beauty of life in simple things when we are feeling down.
A dream is always a dream. We just need to dust them off and make them happen. Now, more than ever.