The Tickle Tree by Francois Keyser

Magic is everywhere. Just look for it....

The tickle tree

A family move into a new home. The disabled daughter, Kayleigh, is kept awake at nights by noises from under the tree in their garden. She investigates one night and is amazed at what she finds. She makes strange new friends and is soon partying with them at night too. Even when tragedy strikes a friend the happiness cannot end and ultimately a miracle occurs which makes Kayleigh able to walk.

“The Tickle Tree” was inspired by a tree in a park where we take our daughters to play.

The story has been written in rhyme and it encourages us to always look for the magic in life as children and to remember to look for the magic in life as adults.

It also demonstrates how powerful happiness can be in that a young disabled girl experiences a miracle and is able to walk for the first time. 

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Bedtime & Dreams

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: tickle, tree, girl, disabled, magic, believe, gnome, happy, miracle, bedtime, garden, move

Word Count: 440

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Sample text:

A young family moved into their new home

They had a daughter they called Kayleigh

She liked the house and loved the gnome

At the bottom of the garden under the tree.


The gnome was just a statue and couldn’t really speak

But Kayleigh pretended it could and called it No-Me

Sometimes Kayleigh thought its face had moved a tweak

But believed it was really the shadow of the tree.


Now Kayleigh was in a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk

But she did her best to be happy despite her difficulty

At school she couldn’t find friends with whom to laugh or talk

Because she was new and they could not accept her disability


When Kayleigh was tucked up tight in bed at night

She often thought she heard a laugh - or a giggle

But peering outside after turning off the light

There was nothing that moved or made a wiggle


And on days after she heard a laugh or giggle the night before

Kayleigh would go to see No-Me and was almost sure

He had moved. Heaven knows there were prints galore

Under the tree, the size of No-Me’s feet, clear and pure!


Kayleigh wanted to know what went on under the tree

So she wheeled herself outside after dark and hid close by

And without blinking she waited close to the tree quietly,

She watched the tree and No-Me by the light of a firefly



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