Elephant Tricks his Friends by Francois Keyser

A story that teaches us how to use nature to live in harmony with animals

Elephant tricks his friends

Elephant is hungry. After some exploring, he discovers a field full of carrots and bananas. There’s only one problem…..

There are bees between him and the delicious bananas and carrots and elephants are afraid of bees. Elephant thinks of a way to get the carrots and bananas without getting stung.

He enlists the help of his friends the Rabbit and the Monkey. He doesn’t think they will be stung by bees but he conveniently forgets to tell them about the bees anyway.

When Elephant’s plan goes terribly wrong and his friends realise he knew about the bees, they decide to teach him a lesson………

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Elephants

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Jungle Animals

Language: English

Keywords: bees, project, honey, nature, elephant, rabbit, monkey, beehive, farm, farming, harmony, crops, defense, prevention, animals

Word Count: 993

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Sample text:

One day, Elephant was hungry and went looking for an afternoon snack. He explored a part of the jungle he had not been to before.

Soon he found a field. Carrots and bananas had been planted in it.

Elephant wandered into the field and ate some bananas and carrots.

Then he heard people shouting and saw angry farmers running towards him.

Elephant quickly ran away.

A few days later, he was hungry again. He decided to go back to the field. But when he arrived at the field, he heard a buzzing sound.

It was bees! Elephants….do…..not….like…..bees! Elephant trumpeted loudly and ran away.

He wandered how he could get the food in the field and then he had an idea. He went to see rabbit.

“Would you like some fresh, tasty carrots?” he asked. Rabbit of course, loved carrots.

“Of course I would!” Rabbit replied.

“Well I know where you can get some,” Elephant said.

“Where?” Rabbit was hopping up and down with excitement.

“If I tell you where, will you promise to always bring some carrots for me when you fetch some?”

“Sure! It’s a deal!” Rabbit said excitedly.

“And do you promise to keep it a secret?” Elephant asked.

“Yes! Yes!” Rabbit cried.

So Elephant told Rabbit about the field but did not tell him about the bees. He led Rabbit to the field and stopped while they were still far from the beehives.

“I can’t go closer because the farmers will see me,” Elephant said.

“I understand,” said Rabbit and dashed off to the field.

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