The Visitor by Francois Keyser

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The visitor

This is the sixth book of "The Junglies" series of children's books.

In this book a hungry visitor comes to the jungle and it seems that he has eaten Abbit the Rabbit!

When Raff the giraffe finds out he has to race to warn the rest of the friends about the dangerous visitor. But will Raff get to his friends before the visitor does? Or will the the visitor eat Raff before he can warn his friends?

If you enjoyed the first five books of "The Junglies" you will love this and subsequent books in the series which have been extended to make the stories even more entertaining for young readers.

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Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Jungle Animals

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / General

Language: English

Keywords: python, shedding, moulting, animals, jungle, endangered, species, children, book

Word Count: 991

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“The Junglies” series of books are dedicated to my wife, Karina and our daughters, Keona and Keara for their love, patience and support throughout the process of getting “The Junglies” published and for providing the creative inspiration which ultimately brought “The Junglies” to life for children all over the world.

I am deeply and truly grateful to every person who has helped in even  the smallest way during my journey to realizing my lifelong dream of becoming an author and who has helped to get “The Junglies” series of books published.

Thank You and may You always be Blessed!

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The Visitor by Francois Keyser

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Keyser, Francois, 1970 -

The Visitor

Children’s Fiction

Pages 4 & 5

One day Raff was walking through the Jungle when he heard a noise. He stopped and peeped through the trees.

Raff saw a snake slithering away into the bushes. It looked like the snake had left something behind. Raff went to take a closer look.

Pages 6 & 7

On the ground was a snake skin and next to it some fur. The fur looked familiar. Raff smelled it. It smelled like Abbit! It was Abbit’s fur! The snake had eaten another snake and Abbit!

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