Mark Gardner (author)

Mark gardner

Mark Gardner is an author and broadcast professional living in Prescott, Arizona. His grandfather introduced him to the alternate history writings of Harry Turtledove at a young age. That started a life-long love affair with speculative fiction. After being fired from a thankless job in retail sales, he began to write his own stories. His first publication was Body Rentals. Since then, he has written 11 books, including War of the Worlds: Retaliation, the superhero series, Sixteen Sunsets Saga, and hard sci-fi collaborative novel, Days Until Home. His books are favorites among fans of Sin City, The Martian, The Punisher, and Firefly. His work is a fast paced, no-nonsense, thrill ride into many genres, including science fiction, superhero, dystopian, and historical fiction. His works are available in nine languages, and he has fans on all seven continents.

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What if you could hire your ideal body?
Steampunk Snow White/Terminator mash-up
One man struggles to live honorably in a world filled by men without honor.
Private Investigator Caroline Collins just can’t catch a break.
Who sabotaged the space mining ship Kerwood?
Zachary sits across a table from a reporter on the eve of his execution. The reporter has a simple question: “Tell me your story.”
Can the world be saved from humanity?
Mental State is a thrilling supernatural drama and an exploration of teen social dynamics that will break your heart.
Dr. Globe is still tracking down super-powered humans, but not to help them. His ambition is to learn the secret behind their powers, and give or take them at will.
A chance encounter at a bazaar leads Nala on a mission to keep her sister safe from evil.
Tupper Jones Mysteries, book one
Every story with a hero needs a villain.
The world watches the fallout between supers and non-supers.
space station drama short story
A YA mermaid tale
The Martians have a plan to end all of humanity.
The fallen king, Abraham, must battle against the Master to save Earth.