War of the Worlds: Retaliation by John J. Rust, Mark Gardner

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War of the worlds: retaliation

1898: Martian tripods lay waste to Earth's cities. The world's armies are unable to stem the tide of destruction. When all hope appears lost, common bacteria kills the alien invaders. From the ashes, the human race uses the technology left behind by the Martians to build new, advanced weapons.

1924: Armed with their own spaceships, tripods, and jet fighters, the nations of the world are ready to take the fight to Mars. George Patton, Erwin Rommel, Charles de Gaulle, and Georgy Zhukov lead their troops in battle across the red planet to end the alien menace once and for all. But the Martians have one last, desperate plan to try, and if successful, it could mean the end for all humanity.

Editorial Review: "Rust and Gardner's sequel to the H.G. Wells' novel of a Martian invasion, War of the Worlds: Retaliation, does the original story full justice, while bringing their own skills to bear as the writing pair take the battle to Mars, bringing along a bevy of historical figures from World War Two. It's an exciting rollercoaster of a ride, with sudden twists and heart-stopping drops -and one I wouldn't mind riding again." - NYT #1 Best Selling author James Rollins

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Space Opera

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Mars, Soldier, Alien, Martian, science fiction, space, 20th century, invasion, historical fiction

Word Count: 67000

Sales info:

John and I had a huge run when we initially self published War of the Worlds: Retaliation in January 2017. The initial English-language sales were through the roof. We had enough sales in the first 18 days to completely reimburse ourselves all the money we put into the initial publication. After three months of record sales, Severed Press approached us for the rights to distribute War of the Worlds: Retaliation. We negotiated a contract that allowed Severed Press to distribute only the English paperback and eBook. John and I have retained all other worldwide rights, including non-English translation rights into audiobook, eBook, and paperback. The German-Language translation continues to be the best seller, averaging 20 units a month. We no longer have access to daily sales figures to the English-language version due to Severed Press taking over, but they are high enough that John and I have already signed another contract with Severed Press for the sequel, War of the Worlds: Firestorm. We expect publication to be in first quarter of 2018 to coincide with the announcement of the Hugo Award nominees. I plan to be at Wondercon in the spring of 2018 to promote War of the Worlds: Retaliation to the Hugo Award voters. If all goes as planned, we expect at least a nomination for War of the Worlds: Retaliation.

Sample text:

Rommel observed the zigzag pattern of the heat ray platform. Left for a few seconds, then right for a few seconds. Left, right, left, right. The Martian was falling into a predictable pattern.

A fatal pattern.

“Ehelechner. Ten degrees right. Kopitz. Load high-explosive.”

The SPA swung to the right. Rommel kept his eyes on the heat ray platform. The Martian controlling the weapon had not fired for several seconds. Instead, it flailed its tentacles. He swore the thing looked agitated.

He stared down the barrel, waiting . . . waiting.



“If you do not launch now, you will condemn the Shoh’hau to extinction!” Hashzh shouted. “Do you wish that?”

“No, Supreme Guardian.”

“Then la-”

A deafening roar battered his auditory organs. Hashzh cried out as he flew into the air. Intense heat seared his body.

He crashed to the floor. His vision darkened. Bitter cold settled over his body. Hashzh saw the burning wreckage of his weapon platform before his eyes closed, never again to open.


De Gaulle shoved another five-round clip into his Berthier, leaned out as far as he dared and fired. He missed. The remaining three Martians sprayed them with their rapid-fire guns. De Gaulle ducked under the ramp.

“This is why I opted out of the infantry,” Bosquier complained. “I would give anything to be in our battlewalker.”

“As would I.” De Gaulle leaned out and fired again. Miss.

The Martians crawled closer. Bullets hammered the ramp. De Gaulle peeked around the edge. The damn squids couldn’t be more than twenty meters away. They had to—

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