Forlorn Hope by Mark Gardner

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Forlorn hope

Most of the world is a frozen wasteland. Populations have dwindled and a pair of scientists are traveling to Yellowstone National Park to see if ‘Old Faithful’ holds the key to reversing the current ice age.

The perils of their journey are many and there are factions who will stop at nothing to keep the secrets of the ice age from them and the world.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: post-apocalypse , dystopian

Word Count: 20000

Sales info:

4.5 stars on Amazon & Audible

Sample text:

Doctor Garret Wenz made his way cautiously up the side of a broken snowdrift, clutching a piece of equipment to his chest, protecting it from the blowing snow. He glanced over his shoulder, licking his chapped lips, pausing to allow his wife, Anna, to catch up with him. He turned to face her and hopped from left foot to right foot keeping his legs busy – a cramp or leg spasm would put a serious delay on their progress for the day. Anna - also a scientist - ascended as quickly as she could, but kept stumbling. Snow packed her boots with every step; she was covered head to toe with the powdery stuff. He couldn’t see her lopsided grin, but he did see the twinkle in her eyes through her goggles.


Anna saw her husband of the last five years do what she could only describe as the ‘potty dance.’ They had no children of their own, but she had seen videos and heard tales of it from those who did. Hoping to see it performed by her own children, she wondered if such a life was possible with her chosen career. She reached up a gloved hand and wiped perspiration from her forehead, only succeeding in pushing snow into her hair and under her hood.


“How much further?” Breath permeated her facemask and drifted away in tendrils.


“I think we’re here.” Garret looked at the global positioning device clutched to his chest, nodded and declared, “Yup, welcome to Yellowstone National Park.”


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