T. M. Bilderback (author)

T. m. bilderback

T. M. Bilderback is a former radio announcer with a number of story ideas running around inside his head, many based on classic songs. The author currently resides in Tennessee, and is writing feverishly in order to banish these stories from his head and into book form, before he runs screaming into the street.


A few Justice Security partners are having nightmares.
While on vacation in Nevada, two Justice Security employees find murder at a casino.
Three teenagers discover an open doorway to Hell in an old man's basement.
Three teenagers find an open doorway to Hell inside an old man's basement.
Two young people fight a demon that feeds on heartache.
Islamic terrorists release genetically mutated "bugs" that quickly grow very large and threaten humanity.
A strange man uses music to turn women into gold.
A collection of previously published short stories.
A retired British colonel tells a tale of his time in World War II Tunisia.
Justice Security goes to Hell.
A detective that is on the trail of a gruesome killer is distracted by a young, beautiful woman.
Someone…or some thing…is killing people across Sardis County.
A private detective is assisted in a child abduction case by a little girl that appears and disappears
Five special needs children hire Justice Security to rescue their foster mother from the city's main crime family.
Justice Security's competitor, Jim Dandy, asks for help with a big government corruption case.
A widow falls in love with her old high school quarterback, and finds out that she is descended from witches.
Esteban Fernandez hires an assasin to kill Joey Justice and Lieutenant Mickey Rooney.
The newlywed Megan Beck must complete a top-secret assignment on her husband's birthday.
A security company accidentally makes a mortal enemy of an insane Mexican drug cartel leader.
The partners of Justice Security are ambushed on a trip to the city park.
A uniformed security guard facing a blazing fire must choose to save himself or a five-year-old child.
The four Justice Security short stories are collected into one volume!
A literary agent agrees to examine a peculiar contract.
The first seven stories featuring Justice Security - three novels and four short stories in one massive eBook anthology.
A retired British Colonel tells a tale of his time in 1950s Guyana, and his encounter with a stone lion.
A Justice Security Christmas story, in which a miracle happens a second time.
Justice Security's mortal enemy, Estaben Fernandez, tries to take over Chicago's drug trade.
In the wake of the Fukushima reactor meltdown, the crew of a fishing boat encounter a huge monster at sea.
The new nightclub in town is a trap for Justice Security, set by their mortal enemy, Esteban Fernandez.