The Devil's In The Details - A Tale Of Sardis County by T. M. Bilderback

A literary agent agrees to examine a peculiar contract.

The devil's in the details - a tale of sardis county

William Lewis is a literary agent. Over the years, he’s been able to perform his duties in the small town of Perry, in Sardis County.

As a literary agent, William has gone over many contracts in his time. He’s signed off on them as a witness, and helped his clients get the best terms that he can.

William is having lunch at Ethel’s Diner in Perry when he’s approached by Raymond Hollingsworth. Hollingsworth has a contract that he’d like William to look over and sign off on as a witness. William agrees to do so.

What William doesn’t know is what Hollingsworth has up his sleeve.

But, like William says, The Devil’s In The Details…especially in Sardis County! Be sure and read T. M. Bilderback’s third entry in the series Tales Of Sardis County!

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: horror, supernatural, deal with the devil, demon, devil

Word Count: 3950

Sales info:

This is the third story in the Tales Of Sardis County series.

Sample text:

“Ah kin ‘member when a man’s word wuz all it took to seal a deal.”

The man spoke to me from the booth next to me, in Ethel’s Diner. Ethel’s is in a small Southern town – Perry – in Sardis County.

I looked up at him, realized he was talking to me, and nodded to him with a tight smile.

“Is that so, sir?” I tried not to sound dismissive, but I believe it crept into my voice a bit. I was anxious to return to the contract I’d been studying for a client.

“Yep. Not so’s you’d know it nowadays, but used to be awl it took.”

I looked up again from the contract I was studying. I allowed a bit of impatience into my response.

“Well, not now. Nowadays, the devil’s in the details.”

The old man cackled.

“Yew got that right, Mister!”

I went back to reading the wherefores and whereases, hoping that he’d get the hint.

No such luck.

“Whut’s that yer studyin’ so hard there, feller?”

I looked up again. Briefly.

“A contract. For a client. And I really need to get it read. I have an appointment with him in an hour.”

“An ahr? That ain’t enough tahm, is it, boy?”

I smirked.

“It would be, if I could concentrate on the contract.”

The old man’s rheumy, yellowed eyes looked at me. I could see a hint of the fire that used to reside there.

I actually felt a small chill.

“So yer a lawyer?”

I shook my head without looking up.

“An agent. A literary agent.”

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