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Jason b. tiller

Jason B. Tiller is a food nutritionist and clinical psychologist. He doesn't just help individuals; he observes the disorders and troubles afflicting his patients, studies them, and explains them in layman terms to his patients and those seeking help alike. With a degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences in addition to an advanced degree in Psychology, Jason has been in private practice in Los Angeles for a few years. Jason began his research and practice not out of desire, but a necessity. He became an expert in weight loss, healthy lifestyle, as well as food intake optimization to help people embrace a healthy living lifestyle. This has led him not only to discover many potentially helpful natural supplements that can eliminate gut infections but also herbs and foods that can heal damages done by harmful bacteria. This resulted in a new understanding of what needed to be done, and in what order, to eat well, and also achieve a wholesome lifestyle. Jason's theory about healthy dieting has been tested many times, and reports have confirmed the positive effects of the insightful food instructions. His book " THE HEALTHY GUT COOKBOOK: SIMPLE RECIPES TO NOURISH AND IMPROVE DIGESTIVE HEALTH" is also inspired by the need for healthy healing our gut. With this passion "HEALTHY GUT: SIMPLE STEPS AND RECIPES TO KEEP YOUR GUT HAPPY" came to life, which provides even greater insight into how the gut works and the simple things you can do to assure a healthy gut system. The steps and recipes in these books and his other materials have been proven, safe and effective. Some of his bestselling books include "THE BUDDHA DIET; EFFECTIVE HEALTHY STRATEGIES TO STOP COMPULSIVE EATING AND WEIGHT GAIN THROUGH MINDFUL EATING" and "THE ULTIMATE LEAKY GUT HEALTH GUIDE; SIMPLE NATURAL REMEDIES TO HEAL LEAKY GUT." A former football player, Jason has trained and played with top players in the sport. He maintains excellent physical state, brimming with energy by actively putting into practice what he advises his clients to do. Jason has written other books and hopes that they will help more people discover natural and straightforward cures for common ailments and also provide the fullness of information about proper weight loss plans in correlation with dieting and physical activities.


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